This girl was paid $1,000+ to shave her head.

This girl was paid $1,000+ to shave her head. She donated the money to cancer research and donated the hair to make wigs for cancer patients!
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  1. George Neagu says:

    Prettier without hair

  2. God’s blessings ✨

  3. Mel Copeland says:

    Shows the beauty of her heart, as for her, she’s beautiful with or without hair.

  4. Pam Poling says:

    You are a beautiful person, you don’t know how much your donation means

  5. Josue Falu says:

    She’s a hotties without hair!

  6. The GOP spent 6 million dollars of taxpayer money and they found that she didn’t do anything wrong. Enough already. And this is about a girl that shaved her hair for cancer. Shut up already.

  7. Mahnaz Imen says:

    Good job sweetheart beautiful with or without ❤️

  8. Rashi Advani says:

    God bless you dear.

  9. Jan Powell says:

    She’s beautiful. God bless

  10. James Kidd says:

    Do it for free and I’ll share

  11. Where did you get the shirt?!?! I need.

  12. It shows, that she is gifted with a very beautiful heart

  13. Jonah Winter says:

    actually she did…

  14. If you want to blame anyone, blame Bush/Cheney.

  15. Rosy Vargas says:

    Hermosa y el doble por tu acción.

  16. Anne Millar says:

    She looks pretty with or w/o hair. A true beauty!

  17. Not just saying outta putty but I personally think bald suits her better

  18. Thank You, your the Best

  19. She is beautiful on the inside and certainly beautiful on the outside

  20. You have a pretty mind, pretty heart and pretty soul.

  21. She looks great with and without hair

  22. Kudos young lady. You made people happy and proud of you.

  23. You are truly a beautiful person.

  24. Anki Masih says:

    Gud vilken modig tjej

  25. Rico Bangers says:

    To bad cancer is a billion business. They can treat it but big pharma makes a lot of profit of cancer patients sadly.

  26. Kevin Owens says:

    Kudos to you young lady

  27. So beautiful with or without!

  28. And that my friends is a true hero!

  29. True beauty needs no hair!

  30. Irene Haugen says:

    Brave girl, she is beautiful with or without hair, with a big heart.

  31. She’s just as beautiful with no hair!

  32. Chris Davis says:

    Unfortunately the money she donated will be wasted, the hair will go to a good cause.

  33. And she looks fabulous for a good cause! !!

  34. She looks pretty without hair too!

  35. That only makes her more beautiful in my eyes

  36. Jabs Naz says:


  37. She did it for the money.

  38. Sharry Roohi says:

    Yes shows the beauti her heart

  39. Lien Bui says:

    She’s just beautiful!!

  40. Cancer research is a big waste of money and time! We all know what cause the bloody cancer by now. Kill the big pharma drug dealers, kill Monsanto corporation, provide more ORGANIC food to people, legalize cannabis and happy days, cancer would be history like it was back in the happy days! Simple….but fair play to this lady anyway.

  41. Awesome!!! Well done!!!

  42. Whos she? Celebrity?

  43. why not just provide them with the cure

  44. Omg …. that’s courage and bravery…. I never saw this king of person in life. … but she is still pretty

  45. Beautiful inside and out!

  46. Ligia Man says:

    She’s a haunting beauty. Omg she looks amazing bald.what a great heart

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