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The Reason You Work So Hard To Participate In The Rat Race.

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  1. Zen Karōshi says:

    No matter who wins the rat race you’re still a rat.

  2. Work hard for it just to have someone damage, take it , or the items get old meanwhile you pay 800 to 3000 a month dam near your whole life

  3. When we depend less to material things..we r happier…:)

  4. This is very true. If you don’t learn how to use your buying power in the marketplace, then you will continually be lining the pockets of the Walmart kids instead of your own kids. Our family has leveraged our buying power for over a year now, and the money we save and make is amazing!

  5. Another traffic jam in Vancouver. Thanks Clark!

  6. i would never! my loyalty is 2 the mother earth i follow no mans religions laws,, i heed to the laws of the universe, i get what i need from the elements in nature an sea, i live by the sea.. we are artist we could never run this race of nothingness

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