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The 6 Amazing Foods That Will Remove Nicotine from Your Body.

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  1. We are experiencing a transformation. If you were to but look at the world beyond your front doorstep you will notice that the Earth is undergoing a large scale revolution of consciousness. Between population growth, inclement weather patterns, the acceleration of technological breakthroughs, the recent uptick in protesting, riots and other political controversy, no matter what side you are on the change in atmosphere is irrefutable.

    Whether or not this quickening will bring about great joy or great suffering depends just as much on you as it does the larger political atmosphere. The whole is nothing without it’s constituent parts and your immediate situation, be it what it may, is but a manifestation of what you accept and deny about yourself, it is a reflection. This is why there is no form of corrupt government or establishment that can control a people without manipulating their conscious intent. This is why there is no form of corrupt government that can control a people without injecting them with the illusion separation with and amongst themselves. We are all human beings sharing the same world and yet our perception of source has been degraded to the degree of a societal psychosis. We need to shake these faded roots from the bottom-up.

    The control and manipulation of information has been one of the greatest weapons used against the masses since the dawn of civilization. By depriving you of access to crucial information in regards to your limitless potential as natural human beings, your personal energy source- the potential of which was recognized and utilized by the ancient peoples of times past, single individuals have thus been able to easily rule groups numbering in the millions.

    However, a global network of truly informed sovereign citizens is not only capable of upturning the current state of affairs, they are capable of carving the way for a better world and a better life for generations to come. It is time to take back what is rightfully ours. It is time transmute these ties, reclaim our humanity and rediscover our limitless potential as sovereign beings.

  2. 3 days no smoke no joint …feeling like a winner

  3. The physical effects of nicotine withdrawal last the least amount of time. They peak around the third day and last about five days. Go on mate!

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