Teach your children well.

Teach your children well.
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  1. I think theres a missing letter in your spelling;)..

  2. CHILDEN is wrong written !

  3. I think they spelt children wrong deliberately to see who actually focused more on that than the very positive message it gives. A positive and uplifting sentiment is more important than how it is delivered.

  4. Well I would teach them combined

  5. Jeime Dayao says:

    Thats animal cruelty, let the bird go

  6. Forcing very young kids to become monk…not my style of education, anyway….

  7. Kit Gibson says:

    I think that they were trying to say that life is more important than a phone

  8. Dealing with animals teaches to be gentle and caring. There is lots of time to learn electronics. Doing food demos I watch how children are entertained in the grocery store and I see more and more hand held entertainment in stead learning about food and why you buy certain food.

  9. Dawn Mika says:

    I thank the message is not to teach your children to be monk’s but to teach them to b kind and caring and to respect all living things and well as to b smart in school a well rounded child

  10. I’m glade skylah didn’t have one at that age not till last year intermediate and I’m still not convinced there that good time management I gess

  11. Tony Barnes says:

    Honestly if I had kids, they wouldn’t have a phone til 8th or 9th grade. If I can wait that long, they can wait that long. They gotta learn to be independent without technology before they start using technology.

  12. Dawn Mika says:

    That bird is laying in him hand he dose not have his fingers wrapped around it there for it not animal cruelty

  13. Teach them well. And hope that is the way they live thier adult lives and raise their children.

  14. I think there is room for both.

  15. Trish Joyce says:

    OMG why do people have to complicate things and take everything the wrong way. The very obvious massage is that being in touch with our surroundings rather than having our face in a phone – especially for young people is the best way to grow up. The child on the right could be anyone who is in touch with their own feelings and has empathy and compassion. They don’t have to be a monk for goodness sake.

  16. Wonderful message. Sharing with much love on Wednesday… <3 Ruth

  17. A picture is worth a thousand words. Words don

  18. Continued: Words don’t matter

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