Why We Drink Water the Wrong Way, What Does Chinese Medicine Say.

Drinking a glass of cold or iced water-especially now that the heat is rising-it may not be as good for your body as you think. This at least supports the Chinese medicine, according to MIC.

If We Don’t Start Caring About Climate Change, This Is What We Will Have In Some Years Time.

The constant rising of Earth’s temperature, the melting of the ice, the effects of climate change on the planet, are subjects everybody knows. But the real problem is, we don’t tend to pay serious attention.

What Can Happen to You if You Sleep in a Cold Room

Sleeping is essential for good health, as we all know. But, a new study has shown that sleeping in a colder room can improve health. Colder sleeping rooms can subtly transform your brown adipose tissue (considered as a good adipose)…

When Lava Meets Ice

Last year, a group of researchers from the Syracuse University Lava Project decided to see just what would happen if you mixed a huge block of ice and 660 pounds (300 kg) of lava. The team, led by geologist Jeff Karson (in collaboration with…