Something Disturbing Is Realized When Men Are Removed From These Photos
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Something Disturbing Is Realized When Men Are Removed From These Photos.

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  1. Sergio Farias says:

    Wow, there really aren’t enough women being represented in all walks of life.

  2. nimrokk says:

    it seems that womans are pictured in “leading” positions naturaly.. its not about quantity.. btw are the naturaly poor ppl given a choice,any choice to change something? -They touched the bottom line of life,so they would be better politician than those elite scumbags.. they would make world a better place 4 sure.

  3. Jay Capley says:

    Then i guess more women need to get on the ball and get those degrees and put on their big girl pants put down the cellphone and go get a big time politician job?

    We manifest our own realities if woman want to be ‘more represented’ then they should probably go do the stuff not many women are doing…..

    it’s called picking a career

  4. Sergio Farias says:

    When you are a women you are many times seen as sexual object first and a human second. Just be glad that people don’t ask you for “sexual favors” in order to enter in a career.

  5. DawnL11 says:

    How often does that actually happen? I’ve never experienced any such thing from any male with authority over me. I’ve never heard any of my friends in that situation, either. Not saying it never happens, but it’s not the main thing that stops women from making such career choices. I personally think the main differences are driven by biological differences, for example, we women tend to be less competitive (partly due to lower testosterone) and we also often take time out with having children. Like it or hate it, producing offspring has a different toll on women than on men.

  6. RonThugnot says:

    Go to any grade school, creche, truly dangerous job site, courtroom, etc and you’ll see exactly the reverse.

  7. honeybit says:

    spoken like an without a clue

  8. honeybit says:

    Surely you JEST.

  9. ml_ja says:

    Hope you meant to put asshole in there to describe Jay Capley.

  10. ml_ja says:

    We need more women in politics!

  11. DawnL11 says:

    No. It’s obvious there are biological differences between the sexes. I’m not saying we should not be equal under the law or not have equality of opportunity or anything like that but on average women do make different choices than their male counterparts. I’m also not saying there are not individual cases of discrimination and sexual objectifying but to suggest it’s the only factor is absurd.

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