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Scientists Find Root That Kills 98% Of Cancer Cells In Only 48 Hours.

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  1. 100% of people that drank water have died we should ban water

  2. It,s not the water….. it,s the fact that they eat food

  3. Karen Young says:

    So are people open to this? There are usually some angry responses about how only conventional medicine can cure cancer and anything else is unproven and misleading, and ‘Facts ‘ which ignore an increasing number of so called Miracle stories. You have to decide for yourself

  4. If you conserve with vodka (50gramm/0.5 v , using only flowers) and wait for few days, you’ll make tincture for external (only), when you have sore joints, swelling, pain in back or legs, gout.

  5. Matthew Reny says:

    God put these plants out there for us to use them. We just have to figure out which one goes to which particular malady.

  6. Kristi Jones says:

    They are uncle. You didn’t read did u. It’s dandelion 🙂

  7. Jane Thomas says:

    If this is proven and true,,why is it not head line news???

  8. Svet Lana says:

    There is no incentive in doing research unless it is made for a pharmaceutical drug, herbal medicine is researched only when it is profitable… I see it over and over again, a lot of drugs that are made in pill came from natural environment like aspirin, penicillin, digitoxin, etc. Until then it is anecdotal or “natural” medicine, “let thy food be thy medicine! “

  9. Svet Lana says:

    See my comment above

  10. When more people catch on they will find a way to ban it.

  11. Ruth Whitehouse Hughes

  12. Matthew Reny says:

    Kristi Jones, yes I read, you didn’t comprehend what I said.

  13. Kristi Jones says:

    Buahahahaha! I hadn’t had my coffee yet I see now!

  14. Monica Tuffy says:

    50gram petals: .5 vol vodka?

  15. There’s no profit, if it was proven and put on the market, image how many hospitals, and clinics that would lose big dollars coming from everywhere, no telling how many wings of hospitals that are devoted to cancer and cancer research. Greed is the driven force as to why they say there is no cure

  16. Having had herbalist treatment at exorbitant prices it seems to me just another way for someone to make money for themselves. The treatment made no difference to my problem by the way.

  17. yes. wait for 5 days. before using tincture, heat up a little (cold is unpleasantly and not so effective), chafe feetlegs and keep in warm (for exapmle dress socks or wrap in bath towel) you can also use drinking alcohol (ethanol) instead of vodka. By the way, if you have pain articulations of foot, you can also made the same but using burdock. burdock (leaves, stalk and root) , cut it, conserved with vodka or ethanol. heat up a little, damp and dress socks, after dress cellophane packets, after other pair of socks for a night.

  18. Jane Thomas says:

    Derryck Wallace cruel,immoral and greedy

  19. by the way, if you have pain in knee pit. Paint knee pit with honey, before put leaf of fresh burdock (give fresh burdock leaf a dip in hot water for few seconds (20 sec. burdock leaf must to become soften), put warm leaf on knee pit with painted honey, wrap knee in towel, then cling film. It;s better to do for a night, because knee needs peace… it helps during 3-5 days.
    when you wrap any part of body in cling film, it shoudn’t be wrapped tight).

  20. Kelly Marie says:

    Ok so why isn’t gvt using this to treat people……………….obv cos they make way to much money with cancer charities. I always believed there’s a cure for cancer & aids but it’s being kept from people to control population & keep money coming in. Just my opinion

  21. Kelly Marie says:

    No way would the gvt publish “Yes we found the cure for cancer”

  22. Kelly Marie says:

    Agreed that plants may cure some but be careful because some may be allergic e.g. If I take penicillins I will die 🙂

  23. Paardebloem tegen suikerziekte Nguyen Trieu

  24. Yeah, considering chemo does nothing good for you.

  25. Marty Gray says:

    Yada yada , how about some scientific PROOF you typical money making con artists taking advantage of poor people with cancer !

  26. Leslie Justin Haskell Mara Thompson Sarah Thompson Trigoso

  27. I think you’re absolutely rigth.

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