Here Is Why The Native Americans Keep Their Hair Long
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Here Is Why The Native Americans Keep Their Hair Long

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  1. Sidey Smak says:

    Hmm wonder what the bald populous has to say.

  2. Η 6η αίσθηση….

  3. Samson was no story then

  4. Rick Mossop says:

    After reading the Ingo Swann book “Psychic Sexuality” in which he claimed that there were specific auras emanating from hair I had always wondered if there would be an effect of cutting or growing hair. Now I have some evidence.

  5. Kurt says:

    Another source about long hair and psychic abilities is Maria Orsitsch one of the women of the VRIL society, Black Sun etc…

  6. DProgram says:

    Generally, they are hairy elsewhere.

  7. Mark Villa says:

    Not so unbelievable.

  8. They didn’t have scissors…

  9. blithe spirit says:

    Hair is symbolic – it is a symbol of spiritual energy. Thus the act of cutting hair symbolically deprives someone who knows the symbolism of their spiritual energy. There is a anti-placebo effect working here. Remember the nursery rhyme?
    Baa baa black sheep have you any wool?
    yes sir yes sir
    three bags full
    A sheep is a spiritual follower, ba is a kabbalist symbol, wool is the same symbolically as hair. Black is the masculine aspect of character.
    Thus the meaning is “hello clever clogs who thinks he’s some sort of gift to spiritual wisdom – you may be a follower but have you any spiritual energy? ” And he replies indeed I have three bags worth [bags also has a symbolic meaning I am not going to disclose]. This may be of help it specificaly deals with spiritual symbolism

  10. Ashley Strom says:

    Very interesting, Scot. Check this out

  11. To navajo people it is considered an extension of your life and mind, it should always be taken care of, that is why when many of the older generations of Navajo were forced in to boarding schools, to try to assimilate into American society, it was met with resistance, the thought of cutting there hair, it was taboo,….most often reserved for instances where you were very ill, near death and recovered, it was cut because it was like you are starting a new life.
    Now days, most people do not even consider this, it is just considered a personal preference, but from a traditional aspect it is considered very sacred.
    Traditional Navajo rarely just let there hair down, it was always tied up in a “tsi yealth”,( not spelt right but is how it sounds, when said ) hair bun, wrapped with white yarn, or more traditionally buck skin, woman wore theirs higher and the men wore it lower, in tying it up, it signified all of your life and collective consciousness being tied together, so you always think straight, or pretty much you are at your best all around.

  12. Scot Zellmer says:

    Yep, became aware of this study some time ago, makes sense to me

  13. I find this hard to believe

  14. Very Interesting read.

  15. Tony Jackson says:

    Is this why my hair grows from my ears and nose in a feeble attempt to keep some kind of sensitivity.
    Just piss off hair it’s a fail.

  16. Betsy Cahoon says:

    What does this mean for all the bald men out there?

  17. Naw I keep my hair long because short hair makes my head look big

  18. Neil James says:

    What a load of crap lol

  19. Kathryn Nawrocki says:

    esp given this is a genetic trade… the losing of the hair.

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