I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men. ~ William Golding

William Golding
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  1. Cody Clark says:

    verry truee my dear, you are the boss of course =)

  2. Cody Clark haha awe I love that you think that but I’m highly suspicious of your response

  3. Cody Clark says:

    uhh ohh youre onto me!!! =P

  4. You don’t hear this very often but oh so true ☺

  5. Craig Mack says:

    How are women more superior than men? This has got to be the dumbest saying I’ve ever heard

  6. How about some punctuation in there

  7. Without a woman, none of the men would even be born !

  8. Ruth Stefnis says:

    creation * creation * creation , mother of five sons * sunshine

  9. Craig Mack says:

    So because you can pump 5 kids out that makes you better than me as a human being? Pretty sure GOD created us all equal you are no better than i am in any way, woman or man we are all EQUAL.

  10. I think I accepted that fact when I was in primary school.

  11. Craig Mack says:

    Oh yea and by the way from what I’ve read and learned in 6th grade that it takes a man to help in your little “creation” theory

  12. Many of us women know this, especially after we become mothers. Living and dealing with men brings this to light quickly.
    Few men can open their heart and mind to understanding what a woman truly is❤️
    We nurture you
    We love you. . .
    We carry life
    Connect emotionally…
    And much more

  13. apply burn area in the cold water

  14. Men and women have differences in biology. Yes. We are each strong in similar and different ways. Why hold one sex as better than the other? We evolved together as partners in procuring a living, protecting hearth and home and raising of our young. This kind of nonsense has to stop. Let’s work together and become stronger than we would be alone.

  15. well keep saying it probably convinces you!!

  16. Mike Reed says:

    I have always preferred and had more women as friends than men. I do not know whether this makes them better than men, but, in general they seem to have more qualities that I admire than men do. I wish people would stop using words like special and better when referring to people. Each one of us is simply DIFFERENT.

  17. This is one wise man.Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.❤️

  18. Sure they are 😉

  19. Since demanding for our equality, women’s IQ’s have risen…above men’s.
    Women are more sensual then men. Meaning we are more finely tuned to sense slight variations in color, smells and hearing.
    Psychology professor Halpern established that women are better at navigating any given area by using landmarks, making them better at finding places and or objects better then men
    Women tolerate pain better then men.
    Women are cleaner then men.
    Women are able to handle stress better then men.
    These are facts, not my opinion.
    Look it up

  20. Price Pugeva says:

    Equality of men and women are more about morals and ethics.

  21. الراجل دا بقول كلام زي الفل

  22. Jill Webb says:

    Never a truer word spoken !!

  23. Women need to be supported by Men…we go through so much….and need strong men to support us

  24. I think its unfair to say we are superior than men. Its better to say women and men are equal in terms of both have people who are superior in different aspect with different advantages and still have scum too. In the end, it comes down to the person and not the gender that determines one’s superiority.

  25. Yes! I am…thank you!

  26. I think that was William Golding’s point too, to show love and honor to women. Yes, it is a poetic statement of his love. I imagine he has a servants heart. I was once asked why I show respect to men, even the ones my peers had deemed unworthy of such respect… And the answer was instinct, it’s a standard for that relationship. It encourages professionalism and courtesy; I am aware a lady must give respect, it helps define her expectations. Maybe the statement is merely about the role of motherhood. What is attractive among us is truly in the eye of the beholder. I can’t tell you whose quote that is; I’m not as thoughtful as Bryant McGill✌️

  27. Chris King says:

    I don’t think so!!!

  28. Davy Dave says:

    I couldn’t help but comment. I strongly disagree! All humans are equal. Women are only more superior to men that think with their desires/lust toward women. Women are obsolete without Men and Men are obsolete without Women. The only things I commend Women for is formulating a baby for nine months and controlling their desires/lust towards Men better then most Men control their desire/lust towards women.

  29. Utter bullshit – We’re equal and just a bit different.

  30. women have to pretend, otherwise men would go off in a sulk., i think we are equal but different.

  31. I’m a woman but do not think woman are superior. I agree that we are equal but different too.

  32. I think we just have to settle with the fact that we all are equal.With lots of differences!But with common ground,men and woman will meet at the middle.

  33. Definitely men and woman are different. Thanks goodness.

  34. Mirjam Pey says:

    Why compare yourself to anyone? Just be yourself.

  35. Men are weaker. If that were not so, God would have been content with Adam.

  36. Dang! I like this guy…tee hee….

  37. Come on you guys … together we CAN all wake up! 🙂

  38. Hamed Taghi Pour Fard

  39. Gary Baldwin says:

    Do whatever floats your boat especially if it’s a cruise!

  40. Meu pai morreu minha mãe criou eu meus irmãos sozinha. Cuidando da Fazenda,gado e da roça

  41. l totally agree because behind every great man has always been a great woman…but in the instance of admitting that at the end men and women are equal……men have to admit tha women are stronger…….

  42. l totally agree because behing every great man has always been a great woman…but in the instance of admitting that at the end men and women are equal……men have to admit tha women are stronger…….

  43. Kelly Marie says:

    Oh yes, in your dreams!!

  44. Thank you for saying this,,BUT NOT always

  45. more vagina worshiping? what a retarded statement.

  46. I’m actually sad this page would post this pandering bullshit, why not just start posting SJW crap while you’re at it.

  47. Women are the flowers, the pretty people, who carry the next generation. We have a role to play, but so do men.

  48. RUBY, a question for the feminine mystique…will the female prefer a master, if he is, without question, totally devoted and wondering if she knows she is, his next breath, next beat. only thought? just curious. what say you?

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