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Harvard Neurosurgeon Confirms The Afterlife Exists.

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    Spelling counts, try editing before you publish

  • they do or not but we have a strong believe in it.
    May ALLAH guide Atheists.

    • may science eventually purveil and the silly masses will realise religion is nothin but make believe and population control !!

    • Couldn’t of said it better myself John!

  • I believe but nothing to do with religion..

  • Weak. I can’t access the page. But without reading I’d say it proves that science and spirituality go hand in hand and are not world’s apart like some would have you believe

  • I have red the book that dr Eben Alexander wrote ! Beautiful experience !!! Several good books are written about that subject.

  • Let me get this straight.. Who believes afterlife exists believe it and who dnt believe dont…

  • Not a test…a treat.

  • Read His book,,

  • Amazing, believe.

  • Life is a school that accepts no dropouts. Also, the tests that we get are all different, so you can’t cheat on the answers.

  • Lethal Lee Woodford Kym Moira Dixon

  • Shaker Abady U will be interested about this one ha ha ha

  • crap

  • Read his book, awesome!

  • More like a challenge … IMHO …

  • Rather than an “afterlife” I believe that our lives are continuous; our souls move from life to life which we choose based on what we need to learn; the more we learn the less often we need to reincarnate and god, or gods are those souls which have learnt the most and are there to guide us and teach us…..:-)

  • Sophie Strong

  • Gloria

  • As a psychic,this is really old news. I knew before i even could grasp the concept of death.

    • Oh you’re a psychic? In what field exactly?

    • Psychic LMAO oh yeah and I’m superman on the weekends.

    • you can say whatever you want but my experiences are my own and nobody can take those from me. I’ve been clinically dead on the table 3 times. all three times I went to the same place, so everyone is entitled to their own opinion but as an empath and a clairvoyant. I am confident in my abilities. I’ve been tested by medical professionals for mental health and I’m in the clear so say what you want to

    • There just up set because there close minded fuc. Wads who are blind

    • next time u go there, please stay there

  • Also .. Dr Ben Carson, a true pioneer in neurosurgery believes the earth is just 6000 years old.. Facts doesn’t give a damn about your believes

  • Noor S. Farooqi MahRukh Khalid Muhammad Bilal Faruki

  • How so?

  • His story has already be debunked.
    Look it up

  • Reincarnation theory is true.

    • yes.. the husk has to be removed if not it will grow again somewhere…

  • Rick Dasgupta

  • Ruben

  • His love is all around to be seen, in Africa and latest, in middle East.

  • Yes i know

  • About atma ,its clearly explaing in ayurveda..

  • Nice clickb8 m8 r8 8/8!

  • Akshay Sharma

  • Your spirit will live forever….. Your life will end oneday,prepare to meet thy God….

  • yes…its controlled by one and only one almighty, god….there is a life after death….its confirmed already in the holy” quran’..

  • Somebody invent a time traveling machine I just wanna take a ride in it before my spirit takes off 🙂

  • Uhhh duhhhh

  • Cindy Walch

  • Solange pretty interesting read

    • interesting read…I’ve heard and read many articles on this, also his reference to DMT

  • Tiffany A Woowoo please read this

  • Lol

  • Ambikeya

  • Karminder Pandher

  • Gabriela Vargas !!!!

  • Jasdeep what do you think?

  • Subodh Thokchom

    wt hppned to the spirits of all the chicken, beef we ate?

  • wt hppned to the spirits of all the chicken, beef we ate?

  • Don’t you also believe that afterlife is supposed to be after life i.e. after death? How does a coma patient who is technically alive is allowed to pass on to experience afterlife? wait, another near death experience of a semi-working brain?

  • Strange and unbelievable???.

  • Maybe there’s afterlife after all.

  • There is a lot of evidence for life after death !!!! Nothing new here.

  • Abdifatah Dahiye

  • Ohhh please. Stop it. There is no shred of evidence of anything suggesting an afterlife in this article.

  • bullshit

  • this only proves that consciousness is not a brain function and how deep are we into the mud. And you just gotta love that shity picture…the afterlife must look like this one, it makes sense yeah 😉

  • I’ve read his book ‘Proof of Heaven’ , it really helped me after the death of my Mum.

  • I have known there is an afterlife since childhood. Love the Lord our God with all your heart, soul and mind.

  • Just because we can’t explain it yet, doesn’t mean that it’s magic

  • I`ve experienced it……..its TRUE.

  • Rebecca Stone Aileen Gibson

  • Nicki Van Riel

  • Typical hallucination , the Bible tells when your dead your dead. The only way you will come back to life is if Jehovah God resurrects you in his fast approaching paradise here on earth . Your soul is you Gen 2:7 not some shadowy thing inside you , which is taught in all false religions & came from Ancient Greek mythology

    • So you know it all…typical Bible thumper with all the answers..I am pleased to announce their is more to the picture than meets the eye..Thank God ..and if Jesus were here he would straighten this whole thing out..KJV recruits- typical- God will not allow his word to be trifled with. Give me a break..We have free will to mess even that up and have we done so..Yes..

    • Just saying what the Bible says . If Jesus was here he would be preaching about Jehovah Gods fast approaching Kingdom , so Jehovah’s Witnesses do the same , Jesus quoted accurately from the ancient scrolls as do we

    • God is good!!

    • The Jehovah’s Witnesses I know are not so arrogant about it. In fact, they and the Seventh Day Adventists that I’ve known are some of the most humble, polite and kind people in the world. Just saying.

    • Until my parents passed I was on the fence post about an afterlife…after my mom passed she visited me twice that I’m aware of…and my father once…I know that there is more to this life than just living and dying…our souls continue on…where,why and how? not a clue !! I know when I die I will be leaving my body and I’ll be off to the next realm…that’s what I truly believe,like it or not <3

    • Really feel for you Tracey it’s so sad to lose a loved one . We look forward to seeing our loved ones when they are resurrected in Gods fast approaching new system right hear on earth .Jesus had the power to heal when he was on earth from God , that is a foreshadow of what he will soon do world wide . Psalms 37:9-11 Rev 21:4

    • I believe his story without ashadow of a doubt. I feel sorry for people that simply cannot open their hearts and believe this is real. Someday they’ll know.

    • You are been sarcastic, right?

    • If you would like a bit of info Jayne go to . There you will see 99% of all Bible prophecy has come true & that’s why we don’t doubt the end of this wicked system is soon to follow . I find it very sad that many don’t take heed. Reminds me of people who stubbornly refuse to move when the authorities say to get out when a tornadoes coming

    • All religions are false

  • The bible says he dead are concious of nothing at all……….

  • Âvïshèk Pråsãd

  • Yes. Either Eternal life or Eternal damnation.

  • You will all see when you get there, God is good!!!

  • I understand this is not “scientifically credible” because, even though it is related by a scientifically trained person, it is still an anecdote and anecdotes are not scientific evidence. However, I have my own anecdotal experience to relate to concerning “afterlife” and I will not be surprised to find that there is one — and of course, if there’s not one, I won’t know it at all. Good enough for me.

  • So refreshing. So positive. So very true.

  • Bob Ale

    I had a NDE. You’ll find out for yourself. Until then, enjoy the ride.

  • Liam O’Brien

    • Yep – that’s me converted!

    • It’s like a theorem. Single proof enough!

    • “During his coma he experienced a vivid journey into what he knew to be the afterlife”. So, he KNEW it was the afterlife. Not sure this is the sort of ‘proof’ that Luke McQuirk would approve of!

  • Oh for those that don’t agree wait your turn it will happen to you

  • I read his books and I agree with all he says.

  • A mate of mine got stabbed. Died and was resuscitated several times. He saw the light Travelled towards it but was told to go back.

  • Sasha Birenbaum

  • I read his book. Pretty convincing

  • I have no doubt about it , never did its like a knowing ! instead of a believe !

  • stating the obvious… only fools doubt facts… and facts aren’t necessarily scientific…

  • Swan Davies

  • Amy, seem familiar?

  • Muhammad Irfan Fazil

  • My concern is, can we meet our loved ones in afterlife?

  • This was debunked in 2013… same with boy who said heaven is for real, he later came out and said he made it up.

    • No, it never was debunked

    • yes it was… google it

    • How would you debunk him , with science ? Which has been wrong more times then it’s right . The holders of ancient knowledge all over the world talk about the spirit never dyeing.

    • That’s how science works… you keep looking for answers no matter what the first answer was, and in the discovery of new evidence the conclusion changes. But there is still no conclusive evidence of afterlife other than fairy tales written by men from the dark ages.

    • If anything it’s the human brain playing tricks… easy to do.

    • Kathi Whittington

      It was Alex Malarkey’s 2010 book titled The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven: A True Story that came out as untrue. It is often mistaken for a similar work titled Heaven Is for Real. The latter book involved a different child named Colton Burpo, who was four years old at the time of his purported visit to Heaven.

  • The other side of consciousness …

  • Pam Conway

  • Susan Eltzholtz

  • Nothing new read: Pim Lommel,

  • What a wonderful thought!

  • Lejla Čolaković

  • Sean

  • Never heard about a Buddhist or someone of another religion experiencing anything like these people, probably our imagination does it when coming out of the coma.

  • ben carson is also a neurosurgeon, just sayin.

  • Riiiiiiighhht

  • Eben Alexander, MD and his book “The Proof” if somebody interested with the subject

  • Sheila

    I think you mean “expansive,” not “expensive.” I can’t afford an expensive after-life.

  • Linda HOFFMANN

    I had a friend died a couple weeks ago.shared this with me….. He came back to life after paramedics revived him. He said he saw Jesus and spoke telepathically to him and asked Him if He could stay longer in life on earth. He said Jesus arms were criss crossed on His chest….and Jesus said that He and the Father and Holy Spirit said He could go back…He said He saw him
    standing by his bed…saw a brilliant light and could not make out His face but knew it was Jesus.

  • truth
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