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The Greatest Gift We Ever Had.

The inability to be heard is a very disorienting and disempowered state. You can learn that first-hand, as I did, if you accidentally sign up for a silent meditation retreat.

Harvard Study Unveils What Meditation Literally Does To The Brain

Numerous studies have indicated the many physiological benefits of meditation, and the latest one comes from Harvard University.

How to Keep Your Chakras Balanced With 9 Simple Ways

The chakras are the seven lines of energy that run through our body. Each chakra represents a different sort of energy.

24 Reasons You Should Date A Yoga Girl

Ok, so this post should really be called “Why You Should Date a Girl Who is Addicted to Yoga,” but I thought as a title that was a bit extreme. But what can I say – I am a bit…

20 Ways Sitting in Silence Can Completely Transform Your Life.

  For over two years I spent one out of every four weeks in silence. At the time I was living at a Zen Monastery and every month we would have a week-long silent retreat. During this retreat we sat…

Meditation Can Hack Your Brain’s Default Mode.

More studies continue to surface proving that a regular meditation practice will reduce stress, improve physical and mental health, and even help with the most debilitating mental disorders. Dan Harris explains the neuroscience behind meditation and makes some strong predictions…

A Digest on Inner Peace and Yoga Meditation.

The world is loaded with lots of things that can take peace and stillness out of the mind of humanity. With oodles of bad news on the internet, billboard, radio and television one hardly find reason to be happy. For…

Awaken Kundalini Energy – Heal the Body using the Mind

Gain Spiritual Energy by Arousing Your Kundalini Probably, you are among those that are searching for a way to arouse their kundalini so as to gain great ally to their spiritual power, you are in the right place as that…