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J. Krishnamurti – What is meditation (Ending All Fear part 4)

J. Krishnamurti Fourth Public Talk at San Diego State College, California 9 April 1970 In meditation, what is the place of search? Can one bring about order without understanding disorder?Is control necessary for order? Why do we need control when…

Bill Hicks – Relentless (1992)

Relentless was recorded at the Centaur Theatre during the annual Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, Canada.

Jullian Assange: Activist Rajab’s Imprisonment.

If Bahrain really wants to improve its human rights record, then it should free Nabeel Rajab, says Julian Assange. In an interview on RT, the WikiLeaks founder called Rajab the most prominent voice in the Bahraini Spring.

Bill Hicks – Ninja Bachelor Party (1991)

Ninja Bachelor Party is a 1991 low-budget comedy film produced by and starring Bill Hicks, Kevin Booth, and David Johndrow. It is a parody of martial arts movies and was intentionally dubbed improperly.

George Carlin – Back in Town (1996)

Back in Town is George Carlin‘s 15th album and ninth HBO special. It was also released on CD on September 17, 1996. This was also his first of many performances at the Beacon Theater in New York City.

Allan Savory: How To Green The World’s Deserts And Reverse Climate Change.

“Desertification is a fancy word for land that is turning to desert,” begins Allan Savory in this quietly powerful talk.

George Carlin – Jammin’ In New York (1992)

Jammin’ in New York is George Carlin‘s 14th album and eighth HBO special, recorded on April 24 and 25, 1992, at the Paramount Theater, on the grounds of Madison Square Garden in New York City. Topics include the war in the Persian Gulf, similarities and differences among…

Bill Hicks – Chicago Late Show (1990)

Chicago Late Show 1990 by Bill Hicks.