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Some Habits of Highly Intelligent And Attractive People

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  1. Photon says:

    Good advice.

  2. seekless says:

    Anyone here looking at this that is married is not in love.

  3. Tam says:

    Attracting a lot of scumbags though …

  4. Sabah Ahmed says:

    Uzma Ahmad Ahmed Ruqaya Marwa

  5. Suki Ghick says:

    that was an interesting article.

  6. What about the 6 Habits of us Ugly People…lol seriously why is it always about attractive people….

  7. Nick Skyler says:

    1. They dont waste time on click baits.

  8. Adam Janko says:


  9. David Williamson says:

    beauty in the eye of the beholder————–i find regular folks to be absolutely gorgeous!

  10. r0cstar says:

    lol truth teller

  11. Bek says:

    Well I had been considering myself not attractive enough physically, until at 23 a very handsome and smart man fell in love with me. The two points that I can relate to in this article is ‘clear goal as what you are doing’ and ‘showing the real self inside out’ that I did. I am lucky enough to have him in my life for 15 years now and we are looking for more years together.

  12. JJ7530 says:

    Anybody can be attractive. Physical “beauty” is in the eye of the beholder. Attractiveness has nothing to do with that. It’s the way you carry yourself. Your confidence, sense of humour, warmth, kindness. The list can go on. There is hope for all. LOL

  13. ordenax says:

    Beautifully written

  14. Hp says:


  15. Adrian Florin Moisei says:

    He was not self confident about something(maybe sexual) and that’s why he didn’t try to find something better

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