4 Popular Myths And Misconceptions About Being An Empath.

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  1. Mark Nippert says:

    I have been called an Empath more than once. It is not a superhuman ability, it is just the manifestation of actually listening and watching people to understand how they feel. It is just a component of compassion. It is disheartening that the percentages are so low, for it is an easy skill set and all anyone needs is a tender heart.

  2. Mark Nippert says:

    I do wish more people felt the dynamic of this world as I do, perhaps there would be greater attention and efforts of rectification of the state of humanity that seems to penetrate my senses likes shard of glass leaving my soul bleeding. Social attitudes that are negative are hard to dismiss. They exist in my thoughts and mind like hurricane winds that are saturated with shards of broken glass, even if that glass never touches my skin. Until I pursued an active prayer life with the Divine, who’s heart, as I understand it, is a heart of great compassion, I was institutionalized periodically. A prayer life has created a place to cleanse my soul from all that I see and feel and I have found personal unparalleled mental health through the vehicle of prayer. I have learned to live with weeping eyes, for this life is but a vapor and I press forward on the promises that He will dry the tears from all our eyes, and there will come a world that does create daggers for our senses, hearts, minds, and souls, and the brotherhood of man will live in peace, cohesion, and unity bound by a power of love yet to be understood in fullness by any. Although I can weep and seem sorrowful, I have great unshakable joy and hope that is untouchable and what any are witnessing is just a product of viewing and feeling a world that is unfortunate at times. A favorite quote of validation and self acceptance is this “It is no comment on health to be well adjusted in a sick society.” The challenge and blessing is I greatly absorb the energies around me, and I will exhaust myself striving for goodness for all, for that is when I feel at peace in an environment. Society is far too big and beyond the vanity of self and efforts of any one individual, so some days I merely wish to survive and the only manner to do so is through prayer. Peace to all, and gratitude to God, for He helps me to deal with me, a very outside the norm creation. Defunct or beneficial is a matter of outside perspective, I just am as a manner of will of the great I am. For those who can relate to these words, you are not alone, and you are beautiful in ways the world will never understand.

  3. origwwotp says:

    I am an empath. It makes relationships with non-empaths almost impossible.