256 Years Old Man
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256 Years Old Man Reveals SHOCKING Secrets To The World.

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  1. Dans la Bible ils ont des ages canoniques de cette sorte, même si le calendrier actuel n’existait pas

  2. WJ King says:

    He doesn’t look a day over 175.

  3. He had a friend that was 500 yrs old? Ya ok..

  4. I don’t believe this b.s..

  5. He look to be that old yeah I believe so

  6. Every morning as I shave and look in the mirror this is what I gaze upon. I never gave anyone permission to steal my reflection.

  7. No alcohol only drank rice wine

  8. Steven Cowan says:

    Why the hell would you want to live that long?

  9. Well that was an interesting read. He doesn’t look as good as some corpses I’ve seen, but at least he’s breathing.

  10. Erwin Cruz his calm and sleeps like a dog!

  11. z123456 says:

    most of recorded history people did not have processed food sugar and other modern things.
    But they still had extremely short lives you were lucky to make it to 30.

  12. Afnan Khan says:

    You will die when your time comes that’s it..

  13. Doesn’t look a day over 255

  14. Becky Gibson says:

    The guiness book of world records says 113 so

  15. Osman Ahmed Farooqui Zakir Siddiqui Faisaloddin Kazi Mèmóń Śhāhèđ

  16. Ian Johnson says:

    Theres been plenty over 113

  17. whatever, Dudes got major sun damage! surfer?

  18. Thanks for sharing. An excellent lifestyle of diet, exercise, rest, and good faith! Something that is missing in our modern life now.

  19. Ann Lappin says:

    As If.
    Do you honestly think that intelligent people will fall for this bovine excrement ?.
    I think not.

  20. So much for the truth , inside or outside us .

  21. Any day above ground is a good day.

  22. Keith Ht says:

    Adam and Eve lived for around 900 years and they would still be here had they not sinned. 🙁

  23. Marty Gray says:

    The rubbish just keeps on flowing

  24. Yesterday they said it was a woman.

  25. John Naples says:

    This was all the reason I needed to unlike and unfollow this page.

  26. Come on page, he doesnt look more than 160

  27. Naseer Khan says:

    i eared that jinn live that much but not human lol

  28. Some people believe anything that is posted on FB

  29. Nancy Reynoso u have to live long gram

  30. All my family’s love will keep me going

  31. Yesterday they said it was a woman for the same picture…ahahahahahahha

  32. Charu Rajput says:

    i ll love to visit chengdu asap ^_^

  33. haha yea whatever! i believe Duncan mccloud took his head and his quickening.thats how he died..what a bunch of crap!

  34. Marlon Peña says:

    Hablando de esto… Wow! Angely Angie

  35. Jeff says:

    Some people will believe anything. Just write a book about this guy and say it’s 2000 years old, the truth and the only one. Bam, instant long life.

  36. Rathin Shah 207 years seems less.

  37. Moses lived to 120 so I think this bs

  38. It says in your own source that it’s been dismissed as a myth

  39. Micky Icli says:

    Igorot head hunter..

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