Pentagon Finally Admits WW III Is Around The Corner, Reveals It Will Be Fast And Deadly.

  • Kara Michaels

    Deadly well you have to worry about healthcare of billions of people. if its deadly and not that we all die then we will all have the same illness so it better be die or dead or died.

  • Derr ,war mongering richies are ruling the planet what are we to expect . Jehovah God will not let his planet be ruined . Rev 11:18 , he will be coming to our rescue very soon . Matt 24:14

    • You havin a laugh?

    • Don’t know u Nathan & don’t get your drift buddy

    • Marty Gray I’m referring to you suggesting “God” will intervene an save us all. Bit late init?

    • Nathan if Jehovah had brought Armageddon say 10 yrs ago , chances are you & I would not survive , 2Pet 3:9 tells us God is patient with us because he doesn’t want to harm anyone. He is using his Witnesses to help people to come under his wing , when that has been done to his satisfaction he will bring Armageddon . Matt 24:14 .We are helping people in every nation on earth in 820 languages . Jehovahs love & patience must be wearing thin the way the world is going . So Nathan I pray that you please browse JW.Org ( official website ) & think about coming under our dear God Jehovahs protection

    • If you read Revelations it clearly says there will be a new Earth. Just my opinion, I think this Earth with burn

    • Kim God will bring this system to an end , ridding wicked humans who make it so . This planet will be here forever Ps 37:9-11 . Dan 2:44 . Revelation was given in visions , new earth is a cleansed earth where we will live forever Rev 21:4 , no wars , crime etc etc . Kim I would really like you to have a browse of JW. Org official website

  • You just keep on war mongering ,and scare people and terrify ..them… reporting like this are you going to stop any war if so it happens …….may be you are being paid to terrify general public …..

  • Yes pack this scare shit up please . We are not interested in this at all .

  • The american mapeke stinks

  • Stop scaring people. There aren’t enough safe places. Lol. People don’t want you to ruin their comfort lives they have on Facebook.

  • Western education had it all wrong. WW1 happened when Europe invaded and annihilated millions of people in America. They brought slaves from Africa, new crops from Asia and unknown diseases from all over the world killing millions of millions of people. America was not discover, was invaded and it’s people annihilated.

  • Michael DeviousDezignz Diaz

  • Reality check! The world is not full of peace we all pray for here on Earth.

  • Obama you done nothing in 8 years!

  • Bullshit

  • What would be the point of this freaking war. If it happens it could wipe out almost all humanity due to all the technology we now have.

  • Truth inside me. Stop spreading fear.

  • Really? I liked this page in hopes of uplifting, good things. I’ve made this effort to compensate for all the negative things that come through my fb and make the anxiety disorder I live with skyrocket. I haven’t even clicked through but I can almost gaurntee that this article is baseless and meant to inspire fear. And it’s bullshit. I just want to see uplifting quotes, pretty pictures and calming facts which is what originally brought me to this page. I am not surprised that you have gotten so much negative feedback on this post.

  • It’s only ‘around the corner’ if someone makes it so. Conversely, it can be ‘banished from sight’ by those in power who choose to do so.
    War is a committed act so, who will commit us? Blaming someone else is the usual cop out of weak leadership.

  • I was worrying about being sexually assaulted .. Is this worse ? Stop !

  • Bring it

  • We are all going to die…

  • Ulol!!!

  • Josh Scripnick

  • may be a scary thought, but a lot of people I know have been saying this for the past year. hopefully it won’t happen.

  • Vic C.

    If Trump takes over the office, it will become a reality!

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