Which Tank will Fill up First??
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Which Tank Will Fill Up First?

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  1. Anthony Patti says:

    G is the only container does not have an exit valve. Bogus answer above. Why does the water not flow from C to D to G? Why does the water flow from C to J when there is a lower outlet from C to D?

  2. Anthony Patti says:

    Ah, missed the closed valve from C to D. Very fine point that I missed and arrived at the wrong conclusion. Subtle point is part of the problem. Must not overlook next time.

  3. Devendra Mukharaiya says:

    Coz the outlet is closed from C to D

  4. Anthony DeGiulio says:

    This is simply not correct. There’s no way to know which will fill up first based on the information presented. For instance, if the flow into A is greater than the flow out of A, It will be the first to fill. It’s a trick question without intending to be…

  5. Lynn Seay WhoDat Stolf says:

    I picked G,but I looked like F filled first.

  6. David Cabaniss says:

    F of course ! k will not begin to fill as the inlet to i from j is higher than the out let from j to L , hence the liquid will go to j, then L then F which is also lower than k and L. simple.

  7. Greg L. Smith says:

    fake news

  8. Keith Ho says:

    Exactly. That’s the first question I asked myself: how fast is the water flowing into A?

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