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When Her Son Needed A Friend, This Dog’s Response Brought Mom To Tears

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  1. Daniel Godin says:

    Mon moment mouchoir de la journée

  2. Marty Gray says:

    That gave me tears . Dogs are really a beautiful gift from our loving creator Jehovah God

  3. What a sweet dog!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Our daughter has downs and autism. Children are a gift from God. All of them How did you work for Jehovah’s witnesses?

  5. Mr Hawkins why such strong language? Why is are you so intimidated by the word God.

  6. Sorry I spelled your name wrong. Mr Hawken

  7. Ben Hawken says:

    Coz Isz offended. Lol

  8. Tyler Oz says:

    Dogs are like family. They are even better than human sometimes.

  9. Marty Gray says:

    I don’t know how that got there Donna , will get my daughter to change that . Everything we do is for Jehovah , all voluntary never asking for money

  10. Ben Hawken says:

    Amen smarty Marty!. 😉

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