What should he do right now?

What Should He Do Right Now?

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  1. Teresa Kuhl says:

    Feed the snake to the lion, then grab the gun and shoot the crocodile if the croc should try to come out of the water after him!

  2. sam says:

    I like the dream approach because we are faced with many decisions in our lives and each of the blocks from three different animals present problems in everyday life. It is up to us to solve them in a timely and hopefully intelligent manner, the gun is not an option. I am Lucy and this is only $.05 for my advice. :))

  3. GeniusMan says:

    how abt breaking that small branch with snake and remain in the tree for couple of hours?

  4. Neetindev krishna says:

    If he turn his back toward the north the lion will go in this direction… The lion will be near the crocodile…
    obviously the crocodile will attack the lion… While this happening he then re rotate his direction near the weapon and go down take the weapon and kill the lion.

  5. Frank Montane says:

    HOPELESS SITUATION! — The snake is in a “STRIKING” position. Why did he climb the tree if the gun is OPERATIONAL? The lion can EASILY jump and grab him. — Only (HUMAN) chance is to “out-roar” the lion as he jumps down and shove the rifle down the lion’s throat barrel first. Then, run for dear life before the Corcs get him. — If he is “heart of heart,” his only chance would be to demand GOD to save him, and God, then, will either SAVE him or KILL him! Of course, the man would have to REPAY God sometime in the future!

  6. Paul Thompson says:

    This illustrates the difference between a “problem” and a “dilemma”.

  7. Alexander says:

    My first thought was grab the snakes neck, throw it to the lion to appease it, then stay up the tree, as I don’t imagine crododiles can climb up tree trunks. Sorted. I’m a Leo as well haha.

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