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THIS is What Happens When You Put Onions In Your Socks While Sleeping!

Put Onions in Your Socks
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  1. Brave Art says:

    But you wake up alone every time …✨✨

  2. You just found a side effect, right? 😛

  3. That’s scary. Really?..

  4. Renee Marxer says:

    What happens if i put onions in my socks? Hmmmm
    It makes my feet itchy while i try and sleep.

  5. Really Doug ? If u believe it I will but damn .. Really ? Lol

  6. Doug Roeder says:

    Lol Not really sure what to believe these days brother. ..

  7. Indeed 🙂 But ya never know I guess with this one ? 🙂 Until u try it 🙂

  8. Doug Roeder says:

    Lol absolutely…..

  9. Maria Juarez says:

    Patricio Juarez this sounds interesting you should try it

  10. Willy N Lara Germanos remember when u twisted ur ankle, n u did this?

  11. Irina Pastushkova pasmatri mama 🙂

  12. How long can it be useful?

  13. How to pin point nerve ending in the foot. Massage is very helpful.

  14. Lori Truisi says:

    Wow now that’s crazy

  15. Keith Ht says:

    Put onions on your bunions, 😉

  16. Og så stinke af løg dagen lang? 🙂

  17. Selma Mutilovic hahaha hvis det virker.

  18. Miralem Durakovic nej tak haha 😀

  19. maybe so but I don’t imagine even the dog would want to sleep with you

  20. I am aware of this remedy. I will do it too…Onion feet morning stink here we come!

  21. Nick Ryan says:

    You get feet that are even more smelly than usual? 🙂
    Seriously, onions are a type of plant that are toxic (for very good reasons) to most animals but humans have both developed an immunity to the toxins and bred strains that are less toxic for our consumption. Nature: it’s amazing.

  22. Yes, I have this chart too, perfect!

  23. Jessica Jones, this chart is why I need you to overcome feet…

  24. I’ll touch your feet all day long.. mine are just so freaking sensitive

  25. Marty Gray says:

    I ate spinach & got big muscles too

  26. That’s true and helpful , the minute you ignore the smell

  27. ..and surely killing your roommates too! :)))

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