U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch Says Pot Is Not A Gateway Drug.

  • So she IS capable of telling the truth. Sweet.

  • A little late to the game, but I (do) appreciate her participation. Now let’s work on this schedule 1 crap……

  • Glenwood Smith

  • Learned coffee is the first drug taken, then cigarettes…….Actually getting high began when we were about 2 and liked to spin in circles and get dizzy!

  • you mean the one who should be in jail for obstruction!

  • Yet I’ve read comments from heavy drug users who said it all started with them smoking the rubbish , depends on the individual I guess . For example many people drink in moderation , which is good for you & then end up being drunkards , not good.

  • Milk is a gateway drug , every drug addict out there has that much in common