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This Man Built A Hobbit House In Just 4 Months, BUT Wait Till You See The Inside.

  • Jayde da Blade

    VERY VERY CUTE HOUSE… I would love one but with more modern amenities.

  • Charlene Woods do they shower? Water?

  • Lizabeth Manns

    This is a wonderful house. The old time pioneers in Missouri, where I live, had water available either in a stream or lake nearby, and they carried it in buckets to where it was needed. Cooking, cleaning and washing was carefully done. My grandmother, born in a log cabin on the frontier in 1895, remembered having to carry it every day. It is harder to live like this, but it also leaves little carbon footprint and does not waste water, and is CHEAPER by far. Not making the banksters wealthy is also an excellent idea- they have us all in thrall to do for them as they like. These kids have the right idea- flout the banksters and their crooked system, and tell them where to go. I myself am nearing retirement age- and my husband and I are planning to build a new house with as little carbon footprint as possible, into the side of a hill on a farm we bought around ten years ago. My oldest son built a log house there, which he heats with a wood furnace. This costs him nothing but his labor. The electric companies hate this! A house like the one here these kids have built is also less susceptible to the danger of tornadoes- in Missouri we have had a long history of extreme killer tornadoes. If you are already pretty much underground, even the dreaded F5 tornado cannot get you.( That is the kind that leveled Joplin, Missouri and killed so many people just a few years ago.) We are ditching the big expensive house and going to a house that is commodious and confortable, and inexpensive to maintain and live in. If more people decided to do like these kids have done, it would throw a curve ball to the banksters and their ilk. You keep it up, kids- don’t let anybody tell you you were wrong. This is a great way to live!