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THIS is Why Genius Minds Always Wear The Same Clothes!

  • Some people succeed because they are destined but most because they are determined.

  • I chalk it up to bipolar disorder…..Steve was not an engineer like Tesla, more like Mussolini, a dictator:

  • has one pair of shoes (same style for 44 years), ten pairs of black socks, three pairs of beige trousers, 8 pink shirts and four different hats. Hmm… Better lose three of those.

  • I was following you until you mentioned Obama.

  • Really

  • Hmmmmm

  • Very one-sided, male gender focused bias.

  • xXOzXx
  • sting2009

    Information Overload

  • RichPorardo

    Obola genius? Seriously? Pothead = yes. Affirmative Action = yes. Below adequate “president” = yes.

  • landolot

    Barack Hussein Obama? are you serious? Go F yourself…

  • Nasren Jak

    you know it doesn’t take much time to decide what to wear. Zuckerberg and Jobs creates an image by wearing same clothes, that’s the whole point. very stupid article.