This is Beautiful!!

This is Beautiful.
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  1. still not loving police (A.C.A.B)

  2. Word .. I’m not trustin.. I see them i walk across the street, all life matter of course, but if you turn the TV news on and fb video and games that been played from the beginning of America birth, it speaks for itself.. Have to be around 80-90% Black’s got play’d and still getting play’d.

  3. No-one needed the law in the 1500’s….it was as ruthless then as is now…we don’t need police…Everyman should protect his own….

  4. Just to say.. the rich man in the middle is missed on this pic

  5. Victims lives mattered to

  6. All you need is love

  7. If one part of the society hurts, it really matters. So, I do not understand why people quickly changed “black lives matters” into “all life matter”
    Sure everybody’s life is important. But, we have an incident which repeats itself oftenly. So? Fix the problem some people creates, and than say all life matter. Step by step.

  8. Clearly, Blacks have been hunted, killed and persecuted by policemen in the US ever since I was born (Miami, 1954). No one wanted to be honest about that fact, even as video accounts of such beatings and violence surfaced. Remember Rodney King? This has been going on for years, and it’s been swept under the carpet for even longer. Apparently, some smart person decided to shed some light on the matter, since it seems that most Americans, and the rest ot the world was in denial. I’ve been told for years that my views on racism were unfounded. I’ve been told for years, that I was making things up, or exaggerating, as if I was not smart enough to determine if what I’d experienced was racist or not. Well, now, no one can deny that I was telling the truth all of these years. The TRUTH is everywhere for the world to see. NO ONE wanted to admit it before…that’s why we need “Black Lives Matter”. Seems that it had to be pointed out!!! Well, I’m all for it. I feel exonerated. Now that everyone knows, can we work on the real problem of racism through EDUCATION and understanding. Until one understands what it is to be discriminated against, one has little or no need to want to change their view.

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