They don’t have Iphone, they don’t have Games, they don’t have TV, but look at their faces.

They don't have Iphone, they don't have Games, they don't have TV, but look at their faces.
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  1. They still have their innocence

  2. I had the same face born in 1970 ,
    outside I had “real” friends and not contacts ..and my sons 17 and 21 years old grew up just like me ..
    with no drama they thank me for their great childhood …

  3. They still are illiterate and uneducated and full of diseases from that mud probably pneumonia

  4. Aki Hiroshi says:

    very expected comment of a full of hate muslim from the middle east who never been out of his little dirty village !! terrorists are full of envy and hate and that’s what they teach their childrens, hate and killing

  5. Aki Hiroshi your statement is confusing, what you want to say??

  6. I bet you can find 4 photo’s where they look unhappy, and 4 photo’s with children with iPhones being happy…
    Silly way to ‘proof’ that phones make children unhappy…

  7. We were the same as kids…… Made our own rafts and fort,s

  8. Lol this guy listens to his media alot ain’t that right akid Aki Hiroshi and btw I’m living in the US so screw u plus I’m a doctor in Boston I save ppls lives alot

  9. There’s so many days when I wish life was simpler like this. I fear for these young children who base their identities on what people are doing or saying on the Internet.

  10. Hussein Hammoud I don’t care what race or religion you are.
    Your comment is very disparaging…
    especially if you are a Doctor!
    One would hope that their doctor would have empathy and compassion and a kind heart.
    There are many ways one can be educated. Don’t look down on others because they don’t have the same degree that you might have.
    Education of the heart is what you’re lacking.
    BTW you better change your profile because it says you live in Lebanon and it doesn’t say you’re a doctor!
    It actually looks like a lot of angry posts. Hope you find happiness in something somewhere.

  11. life can be very simple… it’s our ‘adult’ selves that make it complicated.

  12. Jan Peter van Popta I’m talking about children though. As a teacher and a parent who restricted cell phone use I still see kids who base their happiness and identity on what other people are posting on Facebook or on some social media site. When we were kids we didn’t know if we are missing out on something or hadn’t been invited to something unless we heard it through the grapevine. Now kids know instantly if their friends are doing something without them or if people have said things about them. It does impact their psyche.

  13. Yep! Nature makes you happier than electronics.

  14. Aki Hiroshi my Facebook is like 9 years old and hasn’t been updated from that time so no I’m not in Lebanon any more and if every Arab is a terrorist to u then I think every Japanese guy is a crazy suicidal honor seeking idiot but that’s not the case here the case is u watch alot of media. I don’t cut off heads

  15. Hussein Hammoud well then my original comments still stand.
    And maybe it’s time to update your Facebook page. Lol
    But really… Doesn’t matter. Hope you find some things to bring happiness into your life.

  16. Yes ty Eileen I am happy and btw I was just joking its just a joke that shows some reality in the hidden background but ty I am very happy and not decapitating anyone for now atleast

  17. We didn’t do anything wrong. We do have the tech to see what other people are doing wrong though. Hence the frustrations. Ignorance is bliss.

  18. Best part is tho that they dont have food. Im sure they rejoice that. Technological advance usually means that there is abundance of resources that allow them to pursue something else than just basic susvival. Dont you thinks theyd love to affora Iphones and by that a good housing, medicine, food and clean water?

  19. I believe the issue is they are playing, using their own imaginations… entertaining themselves, rather than reaching for a device to do it for them. That’s what’s been lost. You’re clouding the simple message.

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