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The Tragically Heartbreaking And Uplifting Life Of Keanu Reeves Revealed

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  1. Your compassion is overwhelming

  2. Trudy Jahnke says:

    A remarkable man and so much sorrow in his life

  3. Respect!✌️❤️

  4. Nobody knows grief& broken heart until it’s happened to u & no .amount of money can take the pain away I for sure understand him. Love his strength.

  5. Debra Neal says:

    Great actor so sorry for all your tragedies you still have to live on for themand yourself

  6. Dorita Jones says:

    Strength come from within,that special love

  7. Dee Phillips says:

    This has gone around before….hope he still isn’t in the same predicament … Come on!

  8. Keanu Reeves you need to move on and face the new chapter of your life God bless

  9. Yes for his level of down and out may be way different from mine, yet still the same

  10. compassion is not finite to those who have experienced sadness. having been badly hurt, i am always there to help others.i wish i could do more. i have nothing to give but my time and a listening ear.

  11. Ahar Ehem says:

    great actor with a good heart

  12. He’s one of the ”good” guys.

  13. Me too!!you have to try and move on!!I’ve been physically and emotionally broken but have immense compassion and empathy for people!!

  14. Sean John says:

    How many times did you post it ?:)))

  15. Lena Brown says:

    Well i love him more than a little. Good man. Summer Craker sky Sky Yvonne Craker

  16. I’ve watched it like six times


  18. Majo Piazza says:

    Well billy Ocean said : ” when the going gets tough the tough get going”. You are not alone and you are loved .

  19. Van Kirk says:

    This dude is the best. Not necessarily at acting… But truly as a human being, he is top grade, upper echelon, high shelf, person. His off screen life is epic

  20. Ligia Man says:

    You must not know what true loneliness and depression feels like . family is everything.

  21. Sita Willon says:

    Come on brother, lift your eyes unto the hills from where come your help creator of heaven and earth for he is not finish with you yet he has a bigger plan for your life in Jesus name Amen.

  22. Erik Taie says:

    Heather Mathiasen

  23. u so kute love u po godbless u more

  24. It’s in his eyes..

  25. Малко от сорта : “Изгори за да им а светло на другите”

  26. I’ve read this same article! Poor keanu

  27. Ralph Shay says:

    Great story, Rip…thanks for sharing…

  28. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, live and let live. Grief over personal (lost) love, is a very lonely process. No one knows what the individual is going through. Let him be, let him do it his way.

  29. Rita Taylor says:

    remembering ‘Salutation to the Cloud’ <3

  30. It’s okay to donate & help the World… But you must put yourself as Priority first !! What’s the use of it… when you are emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually broken ?! You can’t please people.. just because….

  31. Żaneta Geltz says:

    I would like to invite Keanu to our project, which might make him happy? – could be our first international Hero. I wonder if he sees this comment?

  32. Myriam Haar says:

    Sure that if you are a millionaire you don’t really think about money. Only those that don’t have any or not enough obssess about money as they have to survive on a daily basis with the little they possess. Not to say he is not generous of course, but he can afford to be financially speaking, that is the difference. Although a generous heart shows up in many different ways regardless of money

  33. Linda Cara says:

    I loved him before,now I love him more.

  34. Ms Sing Song says:

    If you ever read these comments Keanu and if it lifts you – I “get” you! Hauntingly Familiar! 👋 Let’s have Tea/Coffee☕🍵

  35. ARJUN LIMBU says:

    People should read his life, if they exactly don’t know how to act humanely.

  36. Jaco Bezuidenhout says:

    Would you stop you religious bullshit?
    Can I get a haleluja? In JEEEEEEEEZUS NAMMMMEEE
    wake up stupid person

  37. Rita Lehde says:

    Quite a story Quite a human being Thank you for sharing

  38. I did not know that…except he rides the

  39. Is he a Born Again Christian..I pray he is For His Soul Spirit Everlasting. .no work will save us but only through Jesus Salvation Victory

  40. <3 Amazing special soul <3

  41. People care brother

  42. Mark says:

    Keanu Reeves also started one of the coolest well designed Motorcycles called the Arch Motorcycle. I only wish I could afford one. I am hoping one day they sell enough of them to make a affordable priced version.

  43. Mark says:

    Steve Lynn from his post is clearly really jealous, or in love with Keanu. It is probably both!

  44. Ang Jel you should show this story to your form

  45. This is one very special man. I really wish I could meet him. Just to shake his hand, and let him know how I respect him. A very true honest Gentleman. A totally beautiful human being.

  46. your brain is fried

  47. I pray god plz.. bless him…

  48. This reminds me of a funny conversation with my grandson a few years ago when he was taking Advanced Algebra. He said to me: “Grandma, what do you remember about matrix?” I replied: ” Keanu Reeves”. There was a silence, and then “. . .What?” I said: “Keanu Reeves. . . he starred in Matrix.” Another silence and then “You’re not helping.” And yes, Keanu Reeves is one of the good ones!

  49. Great actor and a great man. Love all his movies

  50. He Inspired My Life A Lot. Thanks

  51. What a solid guy. Love him!

  52. He needs God in his life period.

  53. Get some new loved ones.

  54. denis says:

    But Jaco , Sita speaks on behalf of thousands ! Peace brother .

  55. I have always been a huge fan. He is a real person.

  56. moas says:

    You mean in Gods name?

  57. moas says:

    In Gods name, Jesus was merely a man send by God as mercy to mankind!

  58. moas says:

    Just remember that some of the most influential people i.e Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad all left this temporary world of our without One Dinar (dollar) to their Name!!!

  59. You are awesome, not selfish.

  60. Jaye Sawicki says:

    Sounds like he’s reached the state of life we know as Job written of in the Bible.

  61. Mardy Dcs says:

    I can’t love him anymore than I already do. He’s absolutely fabulous in every capacity at least in my eyes.

  62. Deborah Mahmoudieh says:

    Bless him – i knew he was one of the gooduns of life – his acting is superb and clearly, is rooted in his capacity to empathise with others.

  63. I love him so much .. the best actor ever

  64. I alwayes adored Keanu Reeves!

  65. since i was 15 years old i liked him as a man he has a good character. and as an actor. im gonna be 27 next month and i still adore him and forever.

  66. This guy is one class act. This guy has not had it easy. If you follow his footsteps, you cannot go wrong. A true gentleman. Thank you Keanu. If there was anyone that I would like to meet, it is Keanu.

  67. Ruth Murphy says:

    He is such an amazing man

  68. Joan St-D says:

    He stands tall!

  69. Such a good person.

  70. Zdenek Ruzek says:

    This is a song I have been planning to learn to sing and play on my guitar.
    What a song. It will be well worth the effort.

  71. I’ve always loved this man!
    I can feel his soul.

  72. It is nice to know there are humble people out there. They give and dont ask for much back at all…….i know that.

  73. Em Gee says:

    Always loved him …. now I know why ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  74. Ahaha, true to be said.

  75. Keanu the one and only actor i will always like forever.

  76. Caryn Lynn Clark-Helmer says:

    Tragedies like most people have. Sorry.

  77. Rumstein says:

    Unfortunately you will likely find that generally. people with more money are less generous, as that’s how they end up with millions.

  78. Jeffery Hart says:

    Wrong. you must be Jehovah Witness. Deceived. Jesus said no man cometh unto the Father but by me. Jesus said if you have seen me you have seen the Father. God Jesus Holy Spirit the Trinity are one. Seems like a lame belief to have to believe you need to be chosen of the 144,000 to make it to Heaven. But newsflash there really is a hell contrary to what your watchtower cult would teach otherwise. Wise up my friend before it’s too late.

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