The Top 10 Safest Countries To Be In If World War 3 Breaks Out.

  • I think Australia will be safe too. Plenty of land mass to escape into!

    • Until you run into their funnel Web spiders!
      *slightly joking*

    • Or cook to death in their ‘Outback’!

    • Or the fact China has issues with Australia and the South China Sea

    • All true comments. We are a target because of who we aligned with, but it’s a big country.
      Yep, lots of poisonous spiders and snakes! The outback may be hot but there’s also lots of bushland too.
      Interesting times we’re in, folks. Lots of power, hate and greed issues that seem like they’re going to come to a head.

  • Luka Myrna Peel hvor tager vi hen ?

  • Gary McGuinness do you think Scotland would be on the list if we got independence ?

    • Only if we had got rid of Trident.As long as we have nukes we a high priority target unfortunately.

    • Gary McGuinness true m8 … You wonder why the ignorant voted against ,, half prob thought it was about Rangers and Celtic ? That was our big chance… Hopefully get another !!

    • Yeah.The Union really is broken.Scottish people have totally opposite views to people in the South of England.Would like to see us go it alone.Then if we make mistakes it will be honest mistakes instead of getting shafted by Westmonster.

  • Vlad Dilvaru 250km

  • quit trying to scare people!

  • don’t panic the people. if so, no country will be ever save.

  • I’ve always heard New Zealand is a great place. I hope they would accept me even though I’m American. 🙂

    • You’ll taste good once food runs short! 😉

    • Oh no! I probably taste like fried foods and dairy products! Since I’m from the South. XD

  • If WW3 breaks out, I don’t think there will be any place on the planet that will be safe. Fallout from the nukes will be everywhere.

    • Exactly. WW3 would cause so much radiation that the only thing safe would be a billion $ underground bunker deep underground (doesn’t really matter where).

      Nuclear weapons wouldn’t be the only problem by far, the world has over 400 nuclear power-plants that all need constant maintenance to prevent meltdown, which will be very difficult if not impossible in a world-war. So humanity, next to all the war-related problems, would have to deal with a few hundred fukishimas spreading their radiation all over the world, from the north-pole to the south-pole

      Long story short, better not go the road to WW3.

    • Guess elimination of all heads of state that have their fingers on the nuke buttons is required.

  • Why are we talking about World War 3. With the weapons we have today, no country is safe

  • I’ll pick some random ass country like, Djibouti!!

  • if world war 3 breaks out, no place on earth is safe any more. the atomic bomb will blow the entire planet

  • Well Frank Kowalski and Annette Kowalski you appear to be totally safe, in Ireland, No.2 on the safest countries list.

    • Since Malta is No.3, we’ll go to Gozo. Makes me wonder where the UK lies on the list?

  • So if WW3 breaks out Ireland would be safe you realize it’s a stone throw from the British isles so if Russia lobs a nuke over to England, Ireland certainly would be affected

  • No where is safe.

  • Dillon Bott Interesting?

  • If a world war 3 breaks out, planet earth which is our habitat and that of all the other species that share it with us will be damaged beyond repair. The biosphere will be compromised, ecosystems will be wiped out, rivers and waterways will be polluted. Radiation will be everywhere. All systems will collapse. One positive thing will be that we won’t be exposed to Donald’s ranting and ravings any longer because politicians and their lack of ethical priorities won’t matter because it will be too late! So, in the earnest words of John Lennon, “Let’s give peace a chance”!

  • Some of these are a little off. Switzerland is right in the middle of Europe. So, it would still be effected by radioactive fallout coming form all directions. The mountains can’t protect you from everything. Plus, who’s to say, they wouldn’t get nuked too.
    The islands, I can see, they are far from major targets. They could still be invaded after such a war.
    Southern Argentina should be on there too. It’s far from just about everything.

  • Humanity has always been at war.war is over.

  • How about we focus on positive thought which will change everything so that there is no war which has no purpose. Damage to this planet will also create damage to the universe. I choose to see a world of love, happiness, laughter, joy all of the positive things in life. so much love

  • If women weren’t so brainwashed with consumerism, we wouldn’t be in this mess !!

    The fact that the world has produced a Kim Kardahsian !! Is what’s wrong with the world …

    Imagine if women said to their husbands, you know this little house we have is enough …

    This car we have is enough …

    The Family we have is enough …

    Then no bank can control anyone !

    They make us feel not enough through media so we are always acquiring goods, perpetuating the commodities cycle, so we can feel good enough !!

    Well I fell good enough with a good conversation, love from family and friends and a swim in the ocean …

    All free !!

    • Michelle Rossol

      What a crock . . . this conflict is about human greed and humans outsmarting themselves and trying to take over the job of mother nature . . . fingers crossed she’ll shake the parasites off her back . . . almost the entire human race have become parasitic . . . boys building big unnessessary toys to replace what’s inside their underpants, and women pumping out kids for the hell of it . . . well its all catching up on us now . . . we’ve now come to the point of self eradication, its our own way of culling ourselves . . . glad I don’t have kids and glad to be going off the grid to become self sufficient . . .

    • Marc Pleau

      But Eve….behold this shiny apple! it is forbidden…Daddy says you musnt ever have one. Daddy’s mean isnt he? Come on Eve….you know you want 1.

    • Tahir Jaswal

      Like men, not all women are equal. Though not in majority, a large number of women all over the world are contended with what their husbands have been earning.

  • We need a revolution !!!!!

    A revolution in the way we think !

    And it all starts with women !!! Educate women and you educate the world !

    • Anthony Falzon

      Your argument means that the world is not educated because women are not educated. Well, in that case, shame on the female sex.

  • How long would it take for planet to recover after it has been nuked,thousands of years? If some people were to survived the bombing they would not be around for very longer . The world would die wouldn’t it. The Earth’s atmosphere would turn into that of Mars right?

    • Ty Lockton

      Life on earth would go on just fine without us.

  • I doubt Fiji.

  • Bryan SY Chow

  • Australia…in the middle of Whoop Whoop you’ll be fine! Especially if there’s a pub

  • Link saver: 10. Switzerland
    9. Tobalu
    8. New Zealand.
    7. Bhutan.
    6. Chile
    5. Iceland
    4. Greenland
    3. Malta
    2. Ireland
    1. Fiji

  • switzerland one of the 10 safest countries??? you gotta be out of your mind!! in the middle of europe, nothing and nowhere will be safe …. this is big bullsh…

    • Exactly what I thought about it! If only on modern nuclear bomb will detonate in Germany, what will happened to Switzerland?

  • Bhutan~FOR ME 🙂

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  • Mark Smith

    Ireland? Buwhahahaha!!

  • no

    It’s spelled “Tuvalu”, not Tobalu.