The Biggest Cause Of Anxiety And Depression Is Traumatic Life Events.

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  1. I would, however, think there’s a high probability each individual’s innate “chemical balance”, impacts on our ability to cope with, and our resilience to, traumatic life events!

  2. the chemical balance can be altered by persistent trauma.

  3. I fully agree that that is in all probability true.

  4. Know the cause and cure the disease….. depression is a disease of the human mind and the human consciousness.. it is a fake disease pretending to be real…

  5. William and especially Sadie: ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MINDS? Oh I forgot you don’t believe in mental illness. Let us hope you are never afflicted with it.

  6. This is why people who have endured trauma do not just get over it. It can cause life impacting consequences. And there is now research to show people are not as resilient as previously assumed

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