Doctors Open Real Life “Farmacies” — Treat Patients With Organic Vegetables Instead of Pills.

At the Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center in Houston, Texas, patients are often prescribed fresh, organic fruits and vegetables from the facility’s ‘Farmacy’ in lieu of pharmaceuticals.

10 Fruits and Vegetables That Store the Wrong Way!

You buy fresh fruit and vegetables, refrigerate and a few days later discover that they have spoiled. What are you doing wrong? Maybe not store them properly.

How Long You Can Freeze Everything.

Who knew you could freeze non-citrus fruits for a year? Other foods can last for months longer than you might think, proving yet again that our freezers have more leftover-storing power than we realized.

How to Grow Fresh Herbs Indoors & Organic Veggies Right In Your Kitchen.

What if you could have fresh organic veggies, herbs and flowers that are grown year round with no chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers right in your kitchen? Thanks to Hyundai you can! This is a whole food lovers dream come true!…