These Are The First Photos From The Greatest Inventions Of All Time

Photography is one of the most important inventions of human civilization and a technological development. It is also a form of art. With the help of photography, we have many photographs from some of humanity’s greatest inventions.

MIT Engineers Create Glowing Plants to Replace Electrical Lamps.

Imagine that instead of turning on a lamp when it gets dark, you could read by the light of glowing plants on your desk.

A Retired Reported Created This Algorithm To Track Serial Killers.

Thomas Hargrove, a retired reporter, created an algorithm to track serial killers, taking into account a huge amount of data.

18 Ingenious Inventions That Exist Only In Japan.

Japan is known for her inventions. Some of these are weird, some subtle and some others are somewhere in between.

Tears Flow When Wife’s Blind Husband Sees Her For The First Time.

Every single day, we take it for granted that we can see. We are perfectly made, able to see our amazing life around us, our family and our natural surroundings. Life is different for some, however, especially Gene Purdie.

Having an Emergency? Get Rid of Your Bra. It’s not Illogical but Scientific!

A Ukrainian scientist – Dr. Elena Bodnar – has innovated and created a unique face mask. It’s called an Emergency Bra. This particular face mask is designed to provide protection against biological hazards, chemical explosions and other types of violent…

First Solar Road in the World Opened by France.

A kilometer long road made with solar panels is open in a village in Normandy, in France. It’s part of a $5.2 million and 5 years old project. Though expensive, the project might not be a successful one. However, it…

“Smart Scalpel” Can Identify Tumors in Half a Second.

We are living in an era of ‘everything SMART’ – from a smartwatch to smartphones. Innovation, science, and technology are making breakthrough inventions that are making our lives comfortable and convenient. One such invention is a SMART SCALPEL – devised…