The Battle of English Vs Math

The above is an interesting maths question which is really tricky but fun to play along..!! Question : 1 rabbit saw 6 elephants while going to the river. Every elephant saw 2 monkeys going towards the river. Every monkey holds…

Who Dies If ‘E’ Pushes The Stone?

Check the picture and try to guess what will be the end! Who dies if ‘E’ pushes the stone? What do you think? Check the possible answers here!

Are You Intelligent Enough To Create A Square By Moving Just 1 Match?

For decades, scientists have attempted to measure the benefits of puzzles on the human mind. Although almost all researchers agree that puzzles help cognitive processes, the benefits depend upon a number of other factors, including one’s original mental stamina, whether…

Only 1% Of People Can Find The Animal In This Picture.

It seems the craze of the Internet users with photos-quiz still exists. Now a new sketch has begun spreading with frenzied rhythms across the social network. In this sketch, only 1 percent of people can find the animal.

Crack The Code

Look at this image and figure out what is the code. Can you crack the code? What do you think? Write your answer on the comments section below & and check if you got it right on page 2.

Can You Solve This?

Can you solve this seemingly simple algebra question? If you were paying attention during your maths lessons at school then you should have no trouble solving the question. The image has been share and liked by more than 70,000 Facebook…

Did You Solve This Correctly?

So, this McDonalds brain teaser has kept thousands of you guessing over the last few days! Did you solve this correctly? We have had such a variety of answers on this, each person adamant that they are correct. So, drum-roll…