Dutch Guy Famous for Cleaning Up Pacific Garbage Patch is Now Clearing the World’s Rivers Too

Boyan Slat’s organization recently collected 2 shipping containers full of garbage from the Pacific Garbage Patch. This is the 1st time that any such initiative has ever been taken. The Dutch engineer is now thinking of dealing directly with the…

Ηow Do You Escape A Sinking Vehicle?

Approximately 400 people per year die because their car starts sinking in water, and they cannot find a way to escape. This is a death that is definitely preventable, and this is why Geoff Fahringer decided to do something about it.…

Τhese Beautiful Underwater Photographies Will Make You Want to Be a Diver.

Τhe winners of the Ocean Art Photography Competition show that underwater exists a completely different planet. The magic of the images gives an otherworldly sensation and make it hard to decide which one is the best.

Never Happened Before: Frozen Waves Crashing Into The Beach

The large drop in temperature has broken hundreds of records this winter, making February one of the coldest months in US history. In Massachusetts though, has so cold that even the waves begin to freeze.