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Stop Feeding Your Children Hot Dogs – Here Is Why

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  1. Billy Beefcaked says:

    One day eggs are bad for you the other they are good for you.

    One day we were created by the Big Bang Theory, and now that’s not true but our universe has always just been here.

    Global cooling in the 70’s, Global Warming in the 90’s, Massive amounts of hurricanes will destroy America in the mid 2000’s.

    There is only one truth and that is moderation in everything that we eat.

    The second truth? Scientists don’t know shiz.

  2. Patty Greene says:

    Why not force them to change the hot dogs? They didn’t used to be dangerous.

  3. Hot dogs have always been bad … Full of saturated fat , nitrates and fillers . we just didn’t know this , back in the day,….

  4. Bigger production – Worse quality – More profits for big corpos. Welcome to capitalism! 😛

  5. Patty Greene says:

    I know. Common sense has no place in the world we live in anymore. :'(

  6. Patty Greene Come on, don’t be negative!! looking around you, there are a lot of reasons to be negative, also there are a lot of reasons to be positive. It’s in where you focus your attention. Whatever we don’t like is there to make us stonger, not negative… Negativity is like a flu, passing from one to another… So last tip for today, surround yourself with healthy-positive people, not with them negatives! Have a nice day! 🙂

  7. Patty Greene says:

    Hmmm, will consider it. No promises!

  8. You are totally right, but there are some awesome vegan alternatives to make a yummy and healthy hot dog. So it’s not black or white… if you, or your friends, or family want to eat a hot dog you can easily find a healthy alternative way to have one! 😉

  9. I eat maybe 3 per year. Hebrew national . bad food here and there never hurt anyone. Its good for the soul 🙂

  10. No promise needed… just a smile!

  11. Patty Greene says:

    Oh, that’s easy! I smile all the time, I laugh a lot, I make people laugh, usually not on purpose! It does make me mad/sad to read our food is killing us. Not just hot dogs, but real food.

  12. Caring for your health is the ultimate step of respecting-loving yourself. A healthy body leads to a healthy soul! Have a nice day Mary! 🙂

  13. I wholeheartedly agree. I have lost 80 lbs and not only do I have a healthy body , I also have a healthy mind . You have a nice day also ! Xo

  14. I love positive people! Being mad is maybe just a letter away from being sad, but in reality these are two completelly different things. If you are sad about something, you pathetically accept it by just complaining against it, but nothing changes. If you are mad about something then you have to take action against it. Personally, the fact that our food do poison us made me sick and mad, so I took action and changed my diet with a vegeterian one. But how people act to these animals is something unbelievable that also makes me sick, but I feel I can’t do a lot of things personally against it, and that makes me sad. All I want to say is that it’s ok to be sad about the things you are not able to change, but for the things that you don’t like and you can change you have to get mad! Really mad!

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