She said, “I haven’t been carried like this since my wedding night!”

She said, "I haven't been carried like this since my wedding night!"
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  1. Airam Zepol says:

    Robert Witowski Veronica Patino Garcia Leticia Zavala Estela Chiquito Alonso a nosotras nunca nos han cargado así!!! We want a be carried to right??

  2. That flood was because of her 😉 😉 lol I couldn’t help it!!

  3. Airam Zepol says:

    Así es. If it isn’t him I don’t want a be carried!!!

  4. Pues a mi si me cargaron pero fue hace tanto q ya ni me acuerdo!!! Pero no estaria nada mal q uno como ese me cargara!

  5. I will call when the flood comes

  6. Airam Zepol says:

    Estela Chiquito Alonso no la!!! Apoco el Juanito si t cargo! O fue tu papá cuando naciste?

  7. Haha… this is Adorable

  8. Chistosita!!! Claro q me cargo pero para dormir!!!!

  9. Craig Mack says:

    I highly doubt she said that… the Internet

  10. Connie Bates says:

    Bless her and what a nice hunk to take on the role x

  11. Fireeeemeeeeen!!! Sabina

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