Richest man in the world!

Richest man in the world!
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  1. O.oboooouuuh! please tell this personally to that guy… be aware of his reply – that was a rhyme :v hopefully hes an actor :poop:

  2. Esel Reyes says:

    Full of Love❤️☺️

  3. Sometimes u just wanna help them to get out of the lives they have but it’s not that possible…

  4. what could be more peaceful…sure he has nothing of material value..but look at the peace and love he has!! his best friend to share it with too!! THAT is something money can’t buy!!

  5. quite sure he’s not living the life he would have chosen and would question the notion of being the ‘richest man in the world’. glad he’s not entirely alone. rather than stand there taking pictures, why not get him some help?

  6. We must take care of ALL Gods children! We ARE our brothers keeper

  7. Well he seams in peace with his friend I think he’s trying to make a statement

  8. He’s doing it for a reason

  9. Lea Stroet says:

    Janna Lechtenberg das musst du sehen

  10. There is nothing greater than love.

  11. Gary Grigg says:

    That is awesome.

  12. No thanks, I think I’ll keep my poverty

  13. Neha Ghoorah says:

    Avish Buramdoyal :’)


  15. Merrie Britt says:

    heartbreaking and heartwarming

  16. Sunil Nair says:

    Disrespectful… Taking poverty lightly.

  17. So
    True a dogs love is the best

  18. Chris Devine says:

    There is no good reason we can not make a place in the city for homeless people . Not all of them like or can get in to shelters . Change the world save human race think differently . There


  19. Oh Yes. We are all God’s children as a little 9 year old child told me years ago.

  20. I’m not sure about statement,he have nowhere else to sleep.And it’s not right.

  21. well, it depends upon your definition of richness 🙂

  22. That dog looks pretty damn happy.

  23. Baban Shaban says:

    Money isn’t everything we must be rich by heart not by bank full of money or new clothes and important things respect

  24. Poverty and misery donot equate to happiness, never! You need to update your values! Money is just a tool, like a hammer! It is the person holding it that realises it value for good or evil, to put it very simply! Stop making a hero out of this poor, miserable, homeless and helpless man! He needs money in addition to oxygen and yes, true connection very much!

  25. Heart warming photo but heart breaking to see another human being reduced to living like this in our day and age.

  26. Not sure the man would agree with you, it’s misplaced to comment a photo like this while we are fine sleeping in our bed.

  27. Haitam c toi avec ton maitre bien au chaud dans votre lit

  28. > 31 Aug 2016

    Good caption
    Lousy story contents
    No substance

  29. Ben Stiltner says:

    the joy is with the dog not poverty

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