Qi Gong Master Demonstrates “Chi” Energy in Extraordinary Footage.

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  1. ive actually met qi gong in thailand , true story!

  2. Ameen Hussein Henny Taddesse

  3. NUTTY says:

    Donald Trump

  4. James Wilson says:

    wow now i know what happened to me one day a random event i was on a porch with my friends and they where engaged in conversation and i smoked so i was just siting there with a unlit cigarette in my mouth and just really calmly thinking to myself just trying to relax and wake up and one of my friends randomly tossed a lighter at me and i reacted to it without thinking and when i closed my hand my fingers slapped closed and flinging the lighter it hit me in the eye and flew to the tree near by hitting the tree and the still with inc readable speed bounces of the tree and shot back at us like a bullet out of a gun how did my fingers give it that much force we all cant explain it except when i seen this this may sound stupid but the rate of speed that lighter hit me in the eyebrow bounced of then to the tree and back at us like it had no plans of slowing down wtf just happened i chied the f out that lighter

  5. James Wilson says:

    i remeber just having my arm resting on the yard chair and when my friend tossed it to me i simply turned my hand from palm down to palm up and closed my hand trying to catch it and my tip of my fingers flung it to my face hitting my eyebrow top left then insted of it slowing down it flew five feet to the left of me hitting the side of the tree then back at us with still a lot of force my brow was bleeding and it hurt really bad lolz

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