Neglected Bear
Global Awareness

Neglected Bear Was Put In A Rusty Cage For Thirty Years. Now Watch Her Reaction When They Free Her!

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  1. When someone treats you like an option, help them narrow their choices by removing yourself from the equation. It’s that simple.

  2. Marty Gray says:

    C’mon Gods fast approaching new system where all animals will be free & friendly , & there will not be one scumbag human allowed to live there

  3. Mike Teator says:

    Fifi… made it! I hope she enjoys the rest of her life.

  4. Jorge Lopez says:

    But Who is on first.

  5. Jack Au says:

    Faith in humanity restored. _/_

  6. Martin Fano says:

    Whom ever treated this animal this way needs to put in a small rusty gage and basically abused…I really hate people who do things like this….

  7. Thank you thank you thank you

  8. Of course, captive animals are meant to be in the wild. so sad with the reality that many wild animals are being jailed at their own cage.:'(

  9. Not many stories bring me to tears, but this one! OMG, if humans had half the stamina, toughness and will to survive like Fifi, we would all be better planet animals. We could learn from her, amazing, astounding, heart wrenching. Why in the USA Are these animals allowed to be owned by just anybody? I’m not allowed to own a koala! Bless you Fifi you gorgeous girl

  10. Bob Coles says:

    I didn’t know bears lived that long. Very touching, how can people do that sorta thing?

  11. Why are humans so cruel?! So glad she is happy now <3

  12. Humans are disgusting !! Thank God someone stepped in & at least this living being can live it’s remaining years at peace !!! Humans are horrible!!!

  13. Can I put you in a cage?

  14. good work, peta! and thanks in the name of this wonderful bear <3

  15. As a child I enjoyed zoos, but as an adult I see how awful they really are. No animal should be caged up for my entertainment! Maybe there is a place for sanctuaries for those we displace with our never ending need for land? But I refuse to support zoos or sea world anymore.

  16. Paul Goodman says:

    I agree. Animal sanctuaries with viable habits are fine but most zoos are too confining for animals. My pet hate in particular is caged birds. Awful!

  17. Dee Walker says:

    God damn the people who did this I hope they rot in hell

  18. Paul Goodman me too. I was just about to repost this saying that I don’t like animals caged, especially birds! Still doing it anyway.

  19. thank God for the empaths of the world ..

  20. Arthur Brooks says:

    For years I read lots of negative things about PETA. I’m glad they exist.

  21. Anamika says:

    God bless you PETA.

  22. Wasim Sajid Shah says:

    PETA dont get into INDIA……… Be care full, Especially in Tamil nadu…..

  23. Dimitar Tahrilov says:

    give your money and time on animals and don“t give a dime for poor child.that`s the right spirit PETA.GO on keep up your good work

  24. Judy Zwyghuizen says:

    These People Need Prosecution for this torment of these animal’s this bear look’s like the size of a dog Thank god she recovered many Prayer’s for this bear!

  25. Bob Turas says:

    Amazing! Thank you…

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