Muslim Uber Driver Fined After He Refused To Pick Up Blind Passenger

Muslim Uber Driver Fined After He Refused To Pick Up Blind Passenger

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  1. muslim or who ever they should be fined

  2. if its against his religion then he needs to find a another job where religion doesnt stop him.

  3. What excuse do they have for leaving black men stranded, I wonder? Oh ya, bigoted and xenophobic America. 🙁

  4. Ralph Bitar says:

    Should be fined fired and deported to the shit hole he came from.

  5. Why do you emphasise the fact that he is a muslim taxi driver when this rule applies to all taxi drivers, therefore he is just a bad taxi driver and not necessarily a bad muslim. Fact people with honest sensible reporting.

  6. Niyah Om says:

    He’s a lair, I’m a Muslim and I have never ever heard something like that in Islam ,maybe he got some different reason for not pickining the guy up ,but lying in the name of the religion that’s just trouble what a fool .

  7. That’s just an excuse or a case of religious ignorance. It’s not against the religion he follows. I know because I follow his religion…
    A true follower of Islam will always be kind and eager to help especially in case of clients such as this one…

  8. Chris Helton says:

    Just unfollowed this rag obviously it’s a lie. This is the inquirer type of journalism. They think you’re stupid.

  9. Well you know one case now.

  10. Uber driver should be fired from uber as driver is racist is all.. idiots

  11. Amir Ishak says:

    Nay Allah give both of them hidayah…

  12. Marty Gray says:

    Probably doesn’t want the dog in his cab , if it’s true

  13. Gary Harding says:

    The problem is for you that are here to assimilate to our Country, it’s laws and culture, these type of individuals smear the bad all over themselves as well as all over you too.

  14. Mutia Farida says:

    Stupid man.. He shouldn’t do it.. It didn’t agains islam to lift blind man or a dog.. He just panic about the “najis” but that should taken care just by wash it..

  15. Lee Morgan says:

    Define ‘our country’ you do know that a religion isn’t associated to a specific country, you know you can be Muslim and British, right?! Or when you say “our country” do you just mean white people?!

  16. Royal Ratna says:

    Send back this mother F/u#cker

  17. Mandy Rogers says:

    Yes his reason is he is a racist prick.

  18. Mandy Rogers says:

    Of course it’s just an excuse, one used all too often where islam is concerned, sadly this is why there is so much animosity surrounding your religion, conveniently dismissed by labelling it as islamaphobia. I’m actually stunned something was done but not what should have been done, the ugly reality is that if a non muslim refused to take a muslim customer they would have been charged with racism and a hate crime. Another inconvenient truth swept under the carpet.

  19. Darral OR says:

    take him to the airport ..tell him it’s our religion …cya

  20. Firstly, the judge was right in slapping a penalty. I agree with you that more should have been done. I think he should have been warned that a repeat of such or similar incident in future would result in cancelation of his license.

    Secondly, I am sorry but I don’t agree with your analogy “if a non muslim refused to take a muslim customer….” That’s judging the entire muslim community based upon this one incident. We can’t generalize things based upon such stray incidents. I stay in India. I don’t know much about your country but I am sure there are many muslim taxi drivers there and surely their services are not confined to muslims alone. I am also sure that muslim drivers, in the past, have not made a fuss over customers with dogs.

    Thirdly, fact of the matter is, this ignorant driver would have still refused even if the customer was a blind muslim with a dog …

  21. Gary Harding says:

    Was there any word or implication of color ? “Our Country”, Americans, any color, origin, or background, that support and maintain our way of life, customs, traditions, our laws and Constitution.

  22. Ana Agnest says:

    Perhabs just being silly and ignorant.. I love that dog..

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