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How Intelligent Are You? Is This A Murder Or Suicide?

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  1. Rehman Saeed says:

    r u kidding me!! pen soda and cigarette pack or on the left side of a WRITTING table. therefore she needed room for her arm and elbow to right. also the lamps on the right side and look at the angle of the writing paper probably a suicide note possibly in her own writing that angle wud be perfect for her to write if she as right handed so it makes perfect sense for her to shoot her from her right hand on the right side of her head.the bullet entry wound is on the right side and so is the splatter pattern. that shudnt be the case. but that happened cuz she actually turned around in the opposite direction so her right was our left there for the splatter patter is on our right. that makes sense. the cigarette in her hand wasn’t finished. that cud be cuz she didn’t “care enough” to finish it. “loss of interest”. a classic sign of someone with severe depression.

  2. Gary Huddleston says:

    Correct. Rehman! Suicide.
    Also, the cigarette in the left hand with the ashtray on the left indicates she is right handed. The lamp would be a problem, except that it is unplugged. It would cast a shadow when writing with the right the position of the pen point also indicates how a right handed person lays a writing instrument down when finished. Either to the hand being used or toward the body, not away from the hand being used.. As stated the paper is at the correct angle for a right handed person. The shell casing comes from the ejection from the pistol after being fired and can be random, even on the desk.

  3. ghiaurov1 says:

    As someone who left-hand predominant, but not purely left-handed, I assure you that all those discrepancies are irrelevant.

  4. Bob Janvrin says:

    I write and eat left but shoot right handed. If she was facing the desk and someone shot her on the left, she would be laying facing the desk and laying on her right side. She was facing away from the desk and shot herself. She wasnt facing the desk. Her glasses were off and the lamp is unplugged.

  5. Mohamed Bayoumi says:

    One more reason to add, the light is unplugged so I dnt think a suicide note was written in the dark too…

  6. Anthony Patti says:

    She put her back to the mirror before she pulled the trigger. Right shoe appears to have fallen of her foot as she fell to the floor. Most left handed people shoot and write wit different hands. All indicating suicide. Neither the gun nor the cigarette would be in her hands after she fell, indicating homicide and alteration of the crime scene. Need to know the caliber of the hand gun and need to determine how far the spent cartridge would move after being ejected. Need to know the contents of the writtings.

  7. Oluwatofunmi Anuoluwapo says:

    I do agree with some of the things u said but what I don’t agree with is the position of the gun if indeed it’s suicide the gun shouldn’t still be in her hands cos as she fell off the stool the gun should be away from the body, also her body should be face down if she’s seated on the stool. Then the body is too perfectly in placed, that tells you that the crime scene has been staged. Then this looks like it not the original scene of the crime there should be more blood splatter in the room ie on the desk and some on the books on the shelf. Am no expert but that is what I think.

  8. Peter James Miller says:

    Here’s my analysis:

    1) deceased has a partially smoked cigarette in the left hand while the gun is held in the right hand. The vast majority of people will put-out “one last cigarette” prior to killing themselves.
    2) while there is a note, pen and glasses at the table, the lamp is unplugged from the socket.
    3) based on the gun in the right hand and blood on the right side of the head, the victim was facing away from the window and into the room when the gun was fired, that is not consistent with a suicide attempt.
    4) A single “flip-flop” shoe near the body, but not in a position that it could have been worn at the time.
    5) The blood splatter on the side of the window frame shows that the deceased was further into the room at the time they were shot and not seated on the stool. From the position on the stool, the edge of the window would have shadowed the frame from splatter.

    I disagree that the placement of the items to the left of a writing desk is inconsistent with a right handed person. It is quite common for people to place food, drinks and smoking items on the non-dominant side of a writing table since their dominant hand will commonly be occupied with the pen. If it turns out the deceased was left handed, there are huge inconsistencies.

  9. Peter James Miller says:


  10. cbel58 says:

    I think she committed suicide. Here’s why:
    1) I’m right handed and I was taught to put my drink away from my plate and my right hand so I wouldn’t knock it over. I’m right handed and when I write my paper is turned this way. I have relatives who are left handed and the paper should be tilted the other way so if she were really left handed the paper is tilted the wrong way. If I were right handed as the picture indicates if I were writing and smoking if I were right handed as the picture indicates I would have the cigarette in my left hand with my left arm folded along the front of the desk and the gun would be on the right side of the desk near the cartridge so after writing I could pick up the gun. I would not place the pen down on the right side of the paper but I would naturally place the pen down across the paper towards the left side of the paper as the picture indicates. If I were really left handed as you want us to believe who would crowd their writing hand with all that stuff over there including the glasses which are places on the right side. I’m right handed and I wear glasses and I always take my glasses off with my right hand and place them on with my right hand so I always place the to my right.
    2) If she committed suicide after she wrote the note she would have turned around on the stool and sit with her back to the desk and the mirror, as the fallen stool indicates to me because it is up against the wall which seems to suggest she could not have been sitting on it facing the desk. She turned away from the desk because who commits suicide looking in the mirror?
    3) She could’ve taken the empty cartridge out of the gun because she test fired the gun to get the feel of it when firing it and placed the empty shell there making sure she was not firing a blank before she committed suicide.
    4) The cigarette most definitely could have remained between her 2 fingers as ahe fell to the floor.
    5) Depending on the brand of cigarette and the humidity/moisture in the room some cigarettes will go out if you don’t take a draw after a while. The way she’s dressed indicate the room is warm which can cause moisture/humidity in the room.

  11. Ferry Groothedde says:

    Neither the murder nor the suicide makes sense. The fact that she’s supposed to be lefthanded makes it a murder. But some things indicate that she’s righthanded. Many things contradict. Only one conclusion is correct: the person who designed this puzzle is a fool.

  12. Libraryesque says:

    If the victim turned the opposite direction, it doesn’t make sense for the body to have fallen the way it did. Your assumption that the person turned around, fired from their right side, shooting themselves in the temple, requires that they are facing the window when the shot is fired in order to create the pattern that they did. As a result, when they lose motor function, they crumple down. There wouldn’t be time for the person to consciously orient their legs in the way that we see in the image.

    All we’re looking for here is to draw the conclusion that something must have been moved after the victim died. There’s enough here to draw that conclusion with very high confidence.

  13. G says:

    If she turned to shoot herself, the casing would have ejected the opposite direction

  14. Billy Sam says:

    that was extremely fun! anymore like this?

  15. Waseem Haddad says:

    1) The ashtray is on the left does not indicate she’s left handed, right handed smoker also smoke with their left hand. the pen also does not indicate she was left handed because the paper is positioned in way that shows otherwise, it seems she’s right handed and the pen when dropped vertically can fall to either side.
    2) About the bullet shell… it looks like a cigarette butt.
    The other reasons seem more logical.
    But a Murder it is, the cigarette in her hand and the blood spatter while holding the gun in the right hand.

  16. Inquiziter says:

    No I think you are wrong for all the wrong reasons –
    It is suicide !
    she sat facing the window writing the suicide note.
    the note,Pen glasses and the Ashtray tell us she was right handed.
    (the paper is diagonal for a right handed person.
    a smoker and writing she would have smoked with the left hand. the
    position of the glasses show she took them off with her right hand,
    (before she shot herself)
    So being right handed
    (dominant side) she picked up the gun with her right hand turned around
    still smoking with her left hand eg she would now be facing us, having
    one last puff of the cig before shooting herself with the gun in her
    right hand.
    the force of the Bullet would have meant
    she fell to the left landing as she has and tipping the chair over that
    direction as she went down.
    couple of suspicious points:-
    Wine bottle in the bin ? from the night before maybe ? same with the coke?
    is it day time of night time , I think Daylight as the lamp is unplugged?
    what is in front of the light? a bullet or cig butt – or the empty shell case ejected from the gum .
    how does that all seem?

  17. Inquiziter says:

    I think you have it all wrong, it suicide and here is why;-

    1, Pen, soda, ashtray and cigarette are to the left, indicating she is left handed. Yet the gun is on her right hand.
    A. Anyone who is writing (R/Handed) will have that stuff on the left – its normal so they can drink smoke WITHOUT having to put the pen down.
    B, The Paper is set as a right handed person would right ( that angle.)
    C, She would have used her strong (right) hand to shoot herself not the weaker left hand.

    2, If she was facing her desk, as the fallen seat hints, the blood spatter is on the wrong side.

    A. “IF” she had turned or spun around THEN that is just how she would have fallen and the stool fallen the same way. the bullet force would have thrown her head /weight in that direction. shooting with her R/Hand.
    B. there is no other hint she was facing the window.

    3, The bullet shell is conviniently on the table as if someone placed it there.

    A, why wait around to move bullet shells ? risking fingerprints etc. nothing else is misplaced
    B, It is more than likely it ejected that side of the gun or bounced onto the desk
    C, One shoe is missing – The left one which is probably & rightfully under her.

    4, After dropping to the floor, the cigarette cannot remain intact between her fingers.
    A. That can not be proven and may have done
    but it would have burnt her fingers & burnt out if someone placed it there.
    B, People dont think “oh I’ll just finish this fag put it out then shoot myself”,
    More than likely- had one last puff then Bang.
    C. it looks like the ignited part of the Cigarette has been knocked off (maybe in the fall?).

  18. Inquiziter says:

    you get right and left handed guns so either is fine.

  19. Inquiziter says:

    That might simply mean it was daytime? (how else could we see the scene ?)
    even a murderer would not “place” a body simply place the weapon in her hand.
    A killer placing a gun in someones hand has the hand the other way up – it is too hard to tuck the fingers under the hand/gun without leaving prints.

  20. Mohamed Shaan says:

    why would she turn around the opposite direction to shoot herself if this is a suicide?? if this is a suicide, she would shoot herself right after the note. she would not care to turn around and shoot herself. so in my opinion, this is a murder!!!….

  21. J says:

    The grip she has on the pistol indicates the gun was upside down so the brass actually landed the right direction if she was facing away from the desk

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