If You’d Rather Be Alone Than Go out, It’s Because You’re More Intelligent

If You’d Rather Be Alone Than Go Out, It’s Because You’re More Intelligent.

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  1. #NotTrue, no necesariamente

  2. Thank man… i feel good now

  3. All this really says is that intelligence makes you lonely. Trust me when I tell you this is true, but only if you let it be. Find your joy and your love and ignore the fact that you think you’re the smartest person in the room/town/planet. Only how much you have loved matters when your life is done.

  4. Oh come on patricia! I felt good when i read the post and here u made me confused

  5. Farao Ramos says:

    Sigurd Seest Vikke ???

  6. N Fity says:

    Nope. It means that if you are intelligent, you are only sad when forced to socialize. Very happy alone. 🙂