If you were in a public place, would you feel comfortable with this sitting 10 feet away from your children?

If you were in a public place, would you feel comfortable with this sitting 10 feet away from your children?
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  1. Considering the amount of training and certification you are required to obtain before you “can” carry around a firearm. I say yes.

  2. Le Smitty says:

    Yes I would. It is the unseen, unlicensed, hidden ones carried by ignoranimous’ that concern me. And yes, they are all around you-you just don’t see them. That is why the guy in the picture is a comfort to me; he is letting the world know that he is legal, trained, and prepared.

  3. Jim Carasiti says:

    yes i would as matter of fact would give me a sense of security knowing that person is licensed and more than likely very trained in the use of that weapon

  4. Eva Cinquini says:

    I sit next to a police man all the time, I don’t see the difference…

  5. Depends on what part of the State or country I’m in. I think it’s unnecessary, but it’s not up to me to force my views on others, and vice versa.

  6. Daniel Brang says:

    absolutely i would feel safer

  7. Yes.The fact being that if I were to have children they would be Aware of firearms and the respect they deserve.If he can do it so can I and THATS what America is.Thank

  8. Yup, the double denim look went out in the 90’s…Wouldn’t want to give my kids any ideas.. Fashion Faux Pas!

  9. Yea. My children would already understand the ying & yang of guns.

  10. Yes most likely because if something happened he would be prepared to defend the situation, which might be to everyone else’s benefit.

  11. Gar Housler says:

    Probably feel safer knowing that there were now two of us if it hit the fan.

  12. I know right so last decade

  13. Only a bollix would parade like this with a firearm!

  14. Gar Housler says:

    What are you afraid of?

  15. Jason Schell says:

    Yes, yes, and Yes!!!

  16. A child would disarm him, not counting him going postal!

  17. Depends. In Denmark yes. In the US nope.

  18. Yes, my children’s grandma (my mother) carries 2 fire arms and I let them sit with her.

  19. Marge Cooper says:

    What’s the problem? He’s not waving it around.

  20. Gabriel Amor says:

    If u got ur council weapon license u dont be needing to be showing ur weapon so everybody see it. Thats stuped. But their some ignorant ppl out there. That they do that

  21. If your child thinks it’s ok to take something of a stranger’s belt, it’s not the child’s or gun owner’s fault. You’ve failed as a parent.

  22. Josh Racz says:

    You could knock him out and take his gun, he should atleast hide it.

  23. Stella Maris says:

    comfortable – absolutely not !

  24. Why not. It isn’t Joe or Julie citizen you have to fear. It’s the Devon Droopy Drawers and his hidden illegal gun.

  25. God love ye Antonio… But you lack perception!

  26. Doug Peabody says:

    I have seen this. Many times here in MO and it doesn’t bother me one bit. That being said I would never open carry mine because you have now become a target to someone that is planning to do something bad.

  27. Jay Michael says:

    An armed society is a polite society.

  28. Jared Knight says:

    FYI anyone who says that they don`t, police have the same thing..

  29. Uh yeah! And I would be more comfortable if everyone sitting next to me was carrying.

  30. Yes because if a person with bad intentions is gonna start shooting up the restaurant then they aren’t gonna have their piece exposed to the public.

  31. I would feel safer knowing most of us would carry…. Please carry… As I would do the same…

  32. Lisa Hand says:

    I do I live in Ga and this is a everyday sight !

  33. James Hicks says:

    If Kay runs out of lead on one, she has a back up.

  34. yes as long as it was securely fastened in its holster–would not want some child or idiot to try to remove it as a joke–that could get ugly.

  35. Will Perry says:

    only a responsible gun owner would open carry, it’s the criminals with hidden guns you need to concerned with.

  36. Yes. He is a law abiding citizen.

  37. Nope, it’s not needed. Cops should not have Automatic weapons either! It blows my mind that people are alright with this, yet can’t keep to them selves when they pee…

  38. you make me cry for the human race, both of you are discusting

  39. Le Smitty says:

    Why does the truth disgust you? There are many (unlawful) people walking around with guns hidden on their person. You unknowingly brush past them when you go into public. You see the results on the evening news.

  40. It really depends on who is holding it.

  41. Roy Moore says:

    i prefer everyone to open carry

  42. Tom Jeffries says:

    As a Canadian – I look at this, and shake my head. GUNS. Why is America armed to the teeth?

  43. Silas White says:

    No problem at all with it, used to be that way, if you’re registered to carry a firearm, you should be able to carry it in public places. Used to take my shotgun to school on the bus, keep it in my locker go to sportsman’s club an after school program that was ran by physical education teacher. We didn’t kill each other, REMEMBER BACK WHEN children had respect for their elders? I was one of those kids. Mine are too, they know Dad don’t tolerate rude behavior.

  44. if kids are living in a gun culture, they should be familiar. i’d rather them live in a responsible gun culture, than one based on fear of the imaginary

  45. Ben Hardee says:

    None, Mathew; that’s how much training and certification you need in most open carry states…none.

  46. Ben Hardee says:

    Because we are paranoid.

  47. Miles Hoffman you see what you fear in yourself, without fear, the gun should be no different to a salt shaker, nothing to fear.. people are trained for open carry, id rather responsible carry up front, than a meth head with a hidden gun. the pro-gun ones taking a loaded ak47 into macdonalds and calling it open carry, are another story..

  48. Ben Hardee says:

    “Yin and Yang of guns?” If you were one with The Tao, you would have no need for guns.

  49. Ben Hardee says:

    Tell that to Dodge City, Kansas, circa 1880…

  50. Ben Hardee says:

    I was raised in the southern US gun culture; I have owned and shot guns ten times the national average. I now choose not to…I met too many “law abiding gun owners” and I found us to be paranoid, delusional and generally neurotic. And yes, I AM qualified to use those words. The statistical odds of shooting yourself or someone you love is considerably greater than your odds of ever using your gun in self defense.

  51. Ben Hardee says:

    Brett Maxfield a “salt shaker?” Without fear, you would have no reason to carry.

  52. Ben Hardee says:

    How about if he looked like this?

  53. Yes, because legal gun owners who have their guns showing are mostly (not all). Well trained shooters with proper licenses. These are the people who have been helping fight against hate crimes and terrorists. .

  54. Absolutely not true Ben… Where do you even come up with this junk?

  55. Because Americans Tom are not naive like Canadians who think that making guns illegal protect the public. Restricting guns only keeps guns away from law abiding citizens who are unable to protect themselves in a serious situation. There were 35 shootings in Surrey last month alone.

  56. That’s the guy who will save us if a psycho decides to attack.

  57. Without proper fact checking I cannot be sure but on my opinion I would have to disagree with you Ben Hardee

  58. Wouldn’t bother me a bit!

  59. I don’t think a lot of people would, with all the crap going on in the world. But there was a time when I would.

  60. Here in Texas, as a prime example, you must first pass the concealed carry class and then apply for your open carry permit.

  61. It would bother me. Who knows what kind of kook is on the other end of that gun.

  62. You understood that. Good.

  63. Chicki Leger says:

    Yes… I’d rather see open carry than concealed carry and I’m licensed for concealed carry.

  64. yup, but i prefer concealed carry. it saves a lot of problems all around.

  65. Jose Martelo says:

    If he was black or hispanic would you all feel the same??

  66. Emily Cooper says:

    Yes, I feel like I would feel safer actually.

  67. Scot Sinbad says:

    I would feel safe because i would have my AK 47.

  68. Jr Mart says:

    Yes because i carry also

  69. Bill Golden says:

    If you are properly trained,and licenced. I see no problem. It’s like having a condom. I’d rather have it and not need it. Than need it and not have it. opinions will always vary.

  70. Bonnie Bleu says:

    I’d feel safe not just comfortable

  71. Ban all guns … use fists and batons. Guns are for weak faggots … you want to hunt .. use a trap or bow

  72. Tell that to everyone that gets shot up around the world .. and stop thinkingbof your self

  73. You like shooting idiot

  74. Yeah .. but its a sacrifice id make if it ment taking guns out of idiotic peoples hands

  75. Guns don’t kill people ,

  76. YES
    If someone tries to rob that place or shoot the place up then I can feel confident then my child will have a second chance to walk out of this one alive.

  77. Paul Kishka says:

    YES and that’s why I love the South everyone is armed lol

  78. Charles Dixon says:

    A hard case holster with lock so no one can just grab it shows a level of firearm safety, dress and appearance is someone who prides himself, so I should infer he has a level of skill with the weapon. So yeah, I’d feel much safer with him there.

  79. Yes I would. I actually might feel safer.

  80. I am always aware of my surroundings. I pay more attention to the body language and behavior of those around me. I’m not looking for the presence of firearms. It could be a coverup. Or not.

  81. I know thats why i wana see people fight with swords bows and battons

  82. Ryan Hood says:

    For one thugs don’t open carry do they? And second I always have mine. Yes I would feel fine about it.

  83. Ryan Hood says:

    Meth is illegal but people still get it. The only people that would follow the law are citizens not causing any problems anyways. Why would you want to force people to not be able to effectively defend themselves?

  84. Sure. There are psycho ‘ s in blue uniforms that scare me more

  85. More then Half you shootups are from people that have there gun licences… people have bad days .. and who are you defending your self againts ? … can you not defend yourself without a firearm? Are you sacred of your government? … maybe the problem is your false sence of security? .. you know when your government turns on you they wont be using foot soilders right ? … no they will use the drones that you happily applause when they test there might on other civilians…, .. its only target practice for whats too come

  86. Of course yes,its not safe

  87. gee i don’t know,,,,a few thousand raped, molested, sold and murdered children aside..would you??And by that i mean the for by and of the paedophiles running the place and those very establishments that are there to supposedly protect children that actually act as centers and funnels for these atrocities..and thats just on home soil….

  88. Jan Harman says:

    No people not in control to carry unless officers in suits.

  89. Bill Payton says:

    Why knot , don’t kid yourself this is part of the world we live in now . And when some nut job comes in thinking about holding the place and the people in it up . they might think twice about it . Don’t get wrong I don’t like what guns can do to people good or bad but there not going away .I am more worry about what we teach are kids about FIREARMS !

  90. Bill Payton says:

    YES I SEE NO RESON THAT WOULD HAVE ANY BEARING ON IT , I THINK WE NEED TO GET OVER THIS RACE thing thats an old point i am wight and most places I am the minority . Please stop playing the race card that game is a different subject . PEACE !

  91. Angela Festa says:

    It doesn’t bother me as long as I can see it. It’s the ones you can’t see that cause problems.

  92. Have to be this is America not scholastic China

  93. Le Smitty says:

    I look at the color of someone’s ‘soul’ ; NOT the color of their skin.

  94. Kloud Strife says:

    People do you just can’t see them ?

  95. Bryan Turner says:

    Not a problem. I would shake his hand.

  96. Thor Smith says:

    Yes totally comfortable.

  97. Damn right I would – I even carry my own………

  98. I would be siting next to him

  99. Rose Bisuano says:

    I would not mind. It would be the same if a police officer were sitting there having lunch. He has a right to carry it. He would not be carrying it like that if he had an illegal firearm on him. At least I would know he had it. How many other people sit in a place of business concealing a weapon that is not legally purchased for them to be carrying. There are more important things to worry about.

  100. J.d. Hurst says:

    Absolutely. Then I know theres at least one other person who will defend every one if some tries to rob the place.

  101. As jy weet hoe om m vuurwapen te gebruik kan hy maar enige plek sit Is jy werklik enige plek veilig

  102. Anna Gibbons says:

    Yes, my children know

  103. I feel like the. Way the person carries their self and dresses, should be took into account.
    As it is is this picture, yes! Very comfortable.

  104. No those keys should be in his pocket

  105. Dean Shafer says:

    Actually, so would I, and my grandchildren as well.

  106. Chad Myra says:

    Oh absolutely! 2nd Ammendment allows this!

  107. Seth Graham says:

    Heck yes I carry my gun not just for my family but for your as well

  108. I have one in my purse. Why can’t he have his on his hip?

  109. Eric Berg says:

    Feel a lot safer if he had one of these

  110. Mike Tucker says:

    Absolutely. I’d be right along with him

  111. Hell no! What if everyone in the room didn’t have a gun, would you feel comfortable? We do here in Australia!

  112. Paul Daily says:

    Hell yes! I’m guess the way this is asked it is from some airhead who wants to scare people.

  113. Ummm…..yea….I’d rather a law abiding citizen have it out in the open other than a criminal hiding it b

  114. That would really suck when someone walked into the room with intent to kill with a gun…

  115. Ben White says:

    The disrespect…. Who the hell still wears fubu….

  116. If I carry I don’t show it !

  117. Butch Hashey says:

    I carry but its concealed

  118. The only people who wouldn’t feel comfy is likely a criminal or Hillary or Bama the kind of people who want to destroy our Constitution.

  119. Bloody oath Eryn! Thank god it doesn’t happen here in Australia as much as it would in the States.

  120. Yes, and I would be caring. Thank God and my training!

  121. Bob Collins says:

    No those sneakers look like they belong to a child molester. Thank God there is an armed citizen ready to take him out if he tries anything…

  122. Lisa Merrick says:

    I don’t know, men wearing jean jackets are pretty frightening

  123. Absolutely, I carry

  124. Paula Brad says:

    Totally safer actually

  125. Matt Smith says:

    Damn right, always have mine but hidden

  126. Yep. Don’t see nothing wrong with it

  127. Yes I would because then I would know if somebody tried to rob the place my kids were safe and that man with that gun may give them a chance at Living

  128. Jeff Hike says:

    Its called teach your kids gun saftey

  129. Not at all. Are my kids going to grab it? No! Is he going to shoot my kids? No!

  130. Yes! I would feel safer!

  131. If he has it exposed in open carry, I would not fear at all. It is the sneaky ones you have to worry about.

  132. Tim Graefe says:

    I would feel very very very comfortable

  133. Hell yes. I can see it, others I cant, those are the ones I fear

  134. I would take my business elsewhere

  135. Happens all the time here in Nevada. At least you can see it. The places where everyone is hiding them is much more frightening to me.

  136. Matt Dorris – 30,000 Americans were killed last year with guns – The Butcher’s Bill for Iraq and Afghanistan was in the low hundreds… Does that not tell you something?

  137. Yes, at least I would feel assured that we were safe and protected.

  138. Matt Mecham says:

    YES MAM, SURE WOULD, !!!!!!!!
    HOW ABOUT YOU ?????

  139. Yep sure would.. Would ask him to teach my children about the proper use of fire arms

  140. Ruben Delano says:

    I’d personally thank the man for properly practicing the right to being the Minutemen of our country.

  141. Absolutely the closer the better too

  142. As long as it wasn’t in a bar

  143. The closer the better

  144. I am all for the right to carry. However, gun and keys right out in easy reach for a practiced thief-does this man have full awareness of what is going on right behind him to prevent someone from grabbing the gun and shooting someone else?

  145. I wouldn’t care honestly because it’s concealed and he most likely has A permit for it. The people that carry guns around halfway in their pants halfway out that don’t have a permit are the ones I worry about to be honest

  146. Absolutely because he could be to one to save everyone’s lives in that building.

  147. If I was in Montana I would.

  148. Hell yes!! More than them going into a restroom that some nutcase transgender male in a dress has decided to enter.

  149. YES I would feel safe. Why don’t you go hide under the bed!!! Just because a person has a gun don’t make them bad

  150. You silly fool. Your media has lied to you. There’s very few cowboys left in the us. Fewer victims too which your country has become.

  151. Yes. I would feel much safer.

  152. Yes I would in fact I would feel a little safer! It’s the sneaky ones that scare me

  153. Carol Morgan says:

    Depend who has the gun!

  154. Yes, I would feel very comfortable.

  155. Brad Adams says:

    Doesnt bother me one bit

  156. Darrin Brown says:

    I would feel comfortable simply because the bad is going to scope out the place and shoot him first. I can then pull my concealed and handle the situation.

  157. Alex Duff says:

    Yes. I carry concealed.

  158. Steve Houk says:

    Sure! I’m would wear mine everywhere if the company would let me!

  159. Nope. Although, I am pro gun, I would much rather people conceal carry if possible. The reason being, if the shooter sees you with a gun, you’re the first in the list because he sees you as the biggest threat. But, what he doesn’t see, is his biggest problem. Get you conceal carry permit people.

  160. Tracy Dexter says:

    Where is the proof that he would be the first target?

  161. All depends on the person carrying and the location, so I would have to say I would be focused on that person and others around him the entire time.

  162. Tracy Dexter says:

    He’s in a Waffle House. I thought they were anti-2nd Amendment? There are 30.06/30.07 signs on the ones I’ve seen here in Texas.

  163. Tracy Dexter think about it. In order to fend for yourself, you have to see the bad guy first. What happens, if the bad guy sees HIM first?

  164. I’d sit 5 feet closer. And buy his coffee.

  165. Joan Gammon says:

    YES I would. It’s the hidden guns that worry me.

  166. Gary Brown says:

    Yep. Then I would know they were safe

  167. Yes. It’s the ones you don’t see that you need to worry about

  168. Madison Rose says:

    Makes me feel a lot safer that’s for sure.

  169. No wouldn’t bother me a bit

  170. Yes! Especially if evil arrived at that moment…

  171. Chris Fuller says:

    It depends. As long as he is not acting nutty, I wouldn’t be concerned and would worry less because he is likely a legitimate gun owner. If he was acting nutty then I would leave or possibly call in my concerns if I didn’t have a gun to defend myself. If I also had a gun, I would be far less concerned, but would leave if family was with me and he was acting nutty.

  172. This will be my husband and I. We just got our concealed carry permit.

  173. Susan Davis says:

    He has it in the open most bad guys hide I would think he is on the up and up. We do have thr right to bare arms .❤️

  174. absolutely have no problem with it

  175. I have no issue with this. 2nd amendment is my permit to carry open or concealed. My opinion may not matter as I don’t have children. The question was children specific after all.

  176. Yes I would because I would also be carrying.

  177. Children or not this is good. Teach kids how to handle and be around weapons! No issues now or later.

  178. Tom Lefavour says:

    Much rather be in an open carry environment where the majority of those armed mean me no harm than a gun “free” zone where 100% of the armed DO mean me harm!

  179. Nic Daigle says:

    Yes in the right hands

  180. Yes. This man obviously has the training and correct permits that allow him to safely do this. I’d feel very safe with him around.

  181. He’s not hiding it. He’s showing he’s not afraid to defend himself and others. But its screwed up that more people feel the need to do this because of how often someone who has a gun without a permit is out shooting people.

  182. Yes, the guy’s not holding it and waving it around.

  183. I’d have no problem with it

  184. Yes, it’s just a gun get over it.

  185. That holster prevents someone from removing the weapon from behind. It would bind up and tug on his belt. He would then turn around and confront. There is a release on the holster that has to be depressed and remain depressed so the gun can be removed.

  186. I would feel extra safe

  187. Zak Parsons says:

    I carry mine everywhere….thanks governor lepage!!!

  188. Amelia Henderson Sarah Weir Vikka Sakalauskaite when do I move?!

  189. Wanda Graham says:

    Yes. I would feel more Secure

  190. He might save your child’s life.

  191. Jason Hood says:

    They would deter theft at my house in pretty sure. Both my daughters know gun safety and how to shoot and so does my wife

  192. Yes. At least there would be someone to protect you when someone with an unlicensed, unregistered, illegal firearm decides to shoot the place up.

  193. Why not? If my kids were with me, there would be one next to them as well.

  194. For real!! Take me with you!!

  195. Steve DiBari says:

    Yes!! Absolutely!
    This man has a permit for Open Carry and has been well trained in its use!!

  196. Yes why not he’s not aiming it At anyone

  197. Akira Kaname says:

    I would prefer the sneaky finger guy. Knowing when to use it or not. WHY do you actually know when evil strike? It’s a counter neutralizer!

  198. Troy D Wise says:

    I live in Idaho. We, as a state, have the least gun deaths per capita. I rarely run into an individual here that hands me a firearm without checking/racking it. If you feel unsafe around guns then you are either 1) uneducated about gun safety, and do not know how to handle a weapon without certainty that it is unable to fire or 2) around at risk individuals who use guns as a means of intimidation and fear. Gums are only as as safe as the people handling them. Be responsible with your second amendment rights and guns will continue to be in our daily lives. Be educated, be safe, and no one gets hurt/killed!

  199. Wouldn’t bother me any.

  200. Scott Thomas says:

    I’m almost 100% positive that LA is an open carry state and I went through no certs to get the firearms that I have and they are clean as a whistle

  201. Mark Preston says:

    Sure would, just as comfortable as I am concealing mine when I am out and about.

  202. Yes I would! I may even thank him and talk to him.

  203. Scott Thomas says:

    I would. Ppl are too sensitive these days. This man could get into an argument with someone and “all of sudden feel like his life was in danger” and try to pull that thing out on someone. Ppl are too paranoid for me. I rather everybody leave their guns home or in their vehicles. I leave mine in my vehicle. Somebody could easily just grab his gun or blindside him and take it then start shooting up the place

  204. This would NOT bother me one second

  205. welcome to Arizona! 100% open carry that’s how it should be .

  206. Took me awhile to figure out what the problem was… bet, wouldn’t bother me a bit.

  207. I would be perfectly fine with this. See this every day in Pocatello Idaho. In fact I like it when people come in my store open carrying makes me feel just a bit safer.

  208. Nope. I’d be glad he was there. Cause if anyone came in shooting…he’d take care of it and most likely safe a lot of lives.

  209. Steve Lyday says:

    Sure would because Dad has one too

  210. Chuck Wiese says:

    I would first explaine to the children that denim used to be a fad, and a jacket isn’t going to hurt anybody’s fashion sense over 40yo.

  211. Yes I will keep my comment

  212. Dee Campbell says:

    Well considering that it’s a waffle house n knowing their policy on open caries in their buildings, the man is law enforcement. Yes I would feel much safer.

  213. Yes because he is acting like a good citizen. Not doing anything out of line.

  214. Sarah Roe says:

    Yes You Never Know That Gun Could Save My Child If Anything Were To Happen.
    I Myself Would Have A Gun If I Were Just Another Year Older And Could Get A Licence To Carry.
    With The Way People Are Now A Days You Damn Near Gotta Have A Gun.

  215. Cindy Graver says:

    Absolutely he would be there to help protect the kids!

  216. Bill Mixon says:

    That man has been fingerprinted. Been Thursday extensive background checks. Has no medical history of unstable mind not on any no fly list nor has he ever been coveted of any crime. No record of domestic abuse. So I ask. What do you know about the guy next to him. Yes. I feel great with my kids there

  217. YES. The criminals are the ones who conceal their weapons(or the ones they have STOLEN)

  218. Drewtazy . says:


  219. Bill Corkins says:

    Yes and I’ll have mine as well! Love it

  220. Ray Hayden says:

    Absolutely, there would be two armed Americans in the same restaurant.

  221. Brian Colson says:

    I’m not so sure. I would hope there would be a concealed carry person in there. If something goes down, this open carry guy is the first one to get popped.

  222. Ron Walker says:

    That guy scares me a lot less than a bernie voter! Besides think of it this way, if a robber comes in this guys the focus not your family. Hes a free decoy! Your family can then just sneak out while the bad guy kills him.

  223. Kim Sargent says:

    Looks like security!

  224. No. Why do we need to resort to violence so often? All of you saying he could defend against a robber… What are the police for? Countries that have more gun protection laws have significantly less violence than we do. So no, I’m not comfortable with this.

  225. Glen Conley says:

    Yes because I have one also.

  226. I wouldn’t worry about the people that carry in the open they are abiding by the law you have to worry about the ones that have something to hide

  227. Perfectly fine.

    7/10 people legally open or concealed carry in my state every day, and I have nothing to fear.

  228. Ummm…I wear my gun on my hip everyday. When a person openly wears’s for protection. Love this guy!!

  229. Yes. I would feel it might keep an idiot from doing anything crazy

  230. Yes I would as well.

  231. Yes because he’s been vetted by the Feds unlike the hoodlums hiding in the alley ways…

  232. Sasha DePew says:

    Yes, cause ill have one to

  233. Steve Mccoy says:

    Yes, this is the land of the free

  234. Rick Hendrix says:

    Looks like an off duty cop

  235. David Ozvat says:

    This the most stupid thing that is happening in our country.

  236. Patsy Lacy says:

    No ! Would be going somewhere else!!

  237. Yes I do feel great about it.

  238. Yes because I carry my 1911 every day

  239. Got to love the idiots that think open carriers get targeted first. Please show me your imaginary statistics because they don’t exist. Open carriers deter crime. Why rob a place where someone is visually carrying a gun when you could do so at a place where no one is carrying.

  240. Jonathan Jay says:

    I would feel safer as long as he’s not a terrorist but if the terrace came along I’m sure he would take action

  241. Ryan Pomrink says:

    Do you really want to sit there waiting for the cops while someone is robbing the place or use a means to defend yourself and others?

  242. 911 takes three to eleven minutes to respond to a call.

    .357 will take less than 15 seconds

  243. Yes !! I’d show them mine !

  244. So we should shoot a robber instead of calling 911. Let’s just all get guns to solve all our problems and never use 911 again. Hell, we don’t even need police anymore, we’ll just all have guns for self defense!

  245. Yep wouldn’t bother me a bit

  246. Police aren’t supposed to use their guns unless absolutely necessary, so why should the average person. In the case of a robbery, the police would not shoot unless someone was in serious danger. All of this is so trivial. Guns are not the answer to everything.

  247. Depends on if they are acting like a fudd or if they are being a responsible gun owner.

  248. Marcella go back to living in your fantasy world and go troll elsewhere

  249. I actually feel safer

  250. Yep. If someone tried anything I know he will help.

  251. Marcella apparently thinks just because someone is carrying a gun they are be getting into all kinds of shootouts. I have been carrying for nine years and have yet to ever have to use it

  252. Mike Cross says:

    Yep. The fact that it is exposed on his side.

  253. No actually countries who have more gun laws have the same amount of violence

  254. It would make me feel safer….if someone came in pointing a gun at people this is the guy that could help save me and my kids

  255. Linda Steeg says:

    Yes I like that I can see it

  256. It doesn’t matter, as long as the business owner allows it. If I’m not comfortable with it, I’ll just go somewhere else, it’s not hard. I don’t understand why people get so worked up about this. It’s not your life, so don’t try to live it for them.

  257. Since when do laws keep people from doing thing? Why would a gun law keep criminals from using them?

  258. In South Ga. Owning and carrying guns is a way of life. The way we see it , if you have anything against Guns–the Roads are wide open, HASTA LA VISTA baby!!!

  259. So with that logic I guess we don’t need fire extinguishers because we have Fire Fighters and don’t need EMS because we have first aid kits.

  260. Marcella Fischbach –

    Australia has seen a sharp uptick in “hot” home invasions and mugging because the criminals have nothing to fear.

    Murder still happens in the U.K. Now it’s blunt force trauma, knives and other means.

    Simply put, stop blaming the tool and start pointing the finger to the ones using them.

  261. Well I would because my kid’s sit right next to one the is less then 10feet away from them because min dos not live my side at all unless it says I can can’t have one at the place I go

  262. Yes at least if someone tried to
    Attack anyone we could. Have the ability to respond !!!

  263. Mary Coombes says:

    Yes, and not only yes, but we would have one too

  264. Zaydee Rule says:

    I would feel safer

  265. Yes I would, no problem there.

  266. Marcella tell me about Paris wr people are all unarmed, they wr helpless and killed like pigs. Now tell me what if the Parisians had guns? I dont think 150 will die. Do you understand Marcella? Or you’re kind of stupid liberal moron.

  267. Josie Propst says:

    “Knowledge” based off of one chart is still ignorance.

  268. Resort to violence? Hell, id love to see someone walk up to an armed man who is robbing a place and say “can we just talk this out?”

  269. Yes, because my grandchild knows Granny is packing to.

  270. Let’s try to debate without lobbing insults, Lorenzo. She’s less likely to get defensive and stop listening.

  271. No. I have no idea whether this guy is a good shot or even if he is a good guy. Maybe a kid will cry and piss him off. Thank God I raised my kids when this was not encouraged. Why was the first thing sheriff’s did when settling the west was to outlaw guns in their town if this is such a good idea? There was certainly plenty of bad guys then too.

  272. I would much rather see the fire arm, than not….

  273. Eric Gable says:

    Actually, assuming he is licensed, he has passed a federal background check, he has no history of mental illness, his fingerprints are on file with the state, he has had SOME training on the laws of self defense in his state, and he knows that unless HIS life is in danger and he uses his weapon, he will go to jail. He is no danger to anyone. I carry legally, but I keep mine concealed, because it does make some people uncomfortable to see a gun in public, and I just don’t want the attention.

  274. Eric Gable says:

    And btw, 1 in 13 people carry legally. Most of us just choose to conceal.

  275. Yes. This gentleman has probably had many hours of training and knows the basic rules for gun safety. And he’s on alert for the bad guys.

  276. And you are allowed fm vote and breed?

  277. Alex Owens says:

    Yeah because I have one on me as well.

  278. Joe Spennato says:

    How’s it any different from police?

  279. You bet I would, by all means.

  280. Kim Oviatt says:

    Yes cause I also carry

  281. Lisa Romfo says:

    Hell yea as long as he knew how to use it and not just carrying it around to be cool guy

  282. white guy with a gun? nah fam, im out.

  283. Here we we live – we have very strict gun laws and when I see this on someone I f….k off!

  284. Robert Bean says:

    Yes I would. I would let them sit right next to him

  285. Bree Goodwin says:

    I would but knowing my luck this place just fired him and he wants to shoot up the place.

  286. Yes cuz if I need be he can get to his gun if for some reason I can’t get to mine

  287. Yes why wouldn’t I? He’s not hiding anything

  288. You’re good, it’s a Glock!

  289. Yea… People are idiots who cares Jesus Christ get over it. It’s not like he’s going to shoot up the place it’s his choice, he’s just trying to enjoy his coffee mannnnn

  290. Yes, I would also know there is now at least 2 people carrying in the restaurant. I choose to carry concealed though. I don’t care much for the idea of open carry. Mainly from a standpoint of being an easy first target for an active shooter. Although an open carry if noticed acts as a deterrent. However, greater risk is established on the open carrier when choosing to be armed in this manner. That’s my two cents.

  291. Are you really that stupid marcella? We have had people robbed and murdered where I live and the suspect(s) have never been caught. Hell a block from my house a young man was shot 8 THATS EIGHT times and it has been a year and they still have no clue who did it.A block the other way, a young man was walking home from work, two guys robbed him. He only had a dollar. Know what happened? They BEAT him and put him in the hospital. Nope still no suspects. My job has been robbed many times. And I will say 70% of the time the suspect is never caught even with video of the robbery. So that is why I now carry a gun and I have no problem using it if I am being robbed at work, when I walk home late at night, or even walking home during the damn day. You liberals will be forced to change your mind or become a minor minority.

  292. Jeff Huntley says:

    Analyze the person, not the gun. It’s not going to go off by itself. This guy looks like he’s looking for a refill of tea. So yes I’m good to go.

  293. David Ozvat says:

    it is my opinion that conceal and carry or open carry is one of the most damaging things going on in this country and it is distorting the psyche of Americans.

  294. Yup: but I’d prefer it concealed

  295. not trying to hiding so whats wrong with it

  296. Joe Bruns says:

    Wow Marcella, talk about uneducated.

  297. I would unless some whinney liberal was on the other seat crying about wackos with guns

  298. Why are you assuming he is violent? I see a guy sitting at a counter having a cup of coffee.

  299. Sure! Nothing wrong with that at all!

  300. David Ozat sounds like one of those idiots that’s fine with go government taking away our rights and then selling them back to us. If you don’t like what’s going on move to another country

  301. ” A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity” —Sigmund Freud

  302. Mike Gerry says:

    If that guy was a white supremacist, a birther, or some Bundy type, than I would conclude that he is a nut and should not have a gun.

  303. Also, if your plan is to count on the police to provide you with protection, you may want to review the Supreme Court decision on Warren v. District of Columbia.

  304. Mike Gerry…..spoken like true liberal

  305. I would ask him where he got that and what did he pay for it. Sweet

  306. I get to meet some of the nicest open carriers at work. Always get a great conversation going about the gun the are carrying. All good people. Piss on any weak minded idiot that thinks owning and legally carrying a gun is a bad thing

  307. Mike Edwards says:

    Somewhere a sandwich isn’t being made because Marcella decided to get on Facebook and talk about self defense.

  308. Nice try idiots!It still doesnt make me feel any different on our right to bear arms!

  309. No! And my kids are over 40. How stupid can we be?

  310. Yes. Because you instantly know, in the state of Texas that person has passed an fbi background test. They have also been taught the laws and hand gun safety. A gun is no more dangerous than a car. They are in animate objects controlled by humans.

  311. My kids are exponentially more likely to be killed by those “waffles”.

  312. Really this question has to be asked in this country??? Of course I would

  313. The bad guys aren’t going to pack on their hip for the world to see.

  314. Preston Lynn says:

    Yes I would!!! 110% all the way!!!

  315. If I was also carrying.

  316. Okay can everyone stop calling me a moron just because we have different political opinions? I wouldn’t do the same to you.

  317. Durin Morrow says:

    You all are crazy!!!!!

  318. Marcella we call em like we see em. Your ignorant comments tells us all we need to know about you

  319. Snow Edwards says:

    Also long as he is not acting stupid yes

  320. Paul Graham says:

    Yep cause I know of one even closer to my child.

  321. Yes I would cuz I would have mine

  322. Jake Jones says:

    As a daily carrier, I can tell you that most of us can look around the room and identify the other carriers. Not by a print or suggestive tee shirt, but by body language. If you’re lost to the world, don’t carry.

  323. Yes I do the same with my gun

  324. Couldn’t agree more Jake Jones

  325. Cyndi Conway says:

    Is the safety on? Is it tight in the holster? Does the person carrying it look and act sane. Yes Yes and yes. ok I’m cool. No worries. It’s the ones I don’t see that would worry me.

  326. Jack Smith says:

    YES! It is the same or maybe better than a police officer.

  327. Yep, I’m setting closer and have mine on.

  328. Mary Kate says:

    Yes. He obviously has a license.

  329. Tesha Girth says:

    It’s people like you that are ruining this country. Quit being so damn sensitive about everything.

  330. Josh Slavin says:

    I don’t care if it’s concealed or not. If it’s concealed it means he had to go to a class to get it. If you look at where most gun deaths take place they take place in the east coast and in the populated cities where education is at it’s minimum and practical use for firearms are at a minimum. I’ve grown up around guns all my life, they’re a tool. It’s all about the mindset in which you were raised in. Country folk aren’t raised to be gangsters and point guns at everybody. Even as a little child I was disciplined for pointing toy guns at people. My grandfather always told me that a locked door only keeps an honest man honest, meaning that someone who has an intention of doing evil and bad things is going to do them no matter what, no matter what laws are in place.

  331. I will never understand open carry without level 2 or 3 retention. Makes no sense to me.

  332. So in your world police officers have a right to bear arms and i dont? Id have to say thats a bit unconstitutional. Its sad that this day on age firearms have been mistreated and given such a bad rap. I was raised on hunting and taught gun safety at a very young age. Guns have so many positive applications that people dont see, you are walking in the forest and a black bear decides to try and maul you to death. Your telling me you would rather have a peaceful conversation with it? Also firearms have been providing people and families food for generations. You cant let the bad eggs with the unlicensed and unregistered guns sway your opinion and ruin everyone elses constitutional rights just because you never get out from behind a screen where you read the news about homicides and robbery.

  333. And you kind of deserve to be called a moron because it really is people like you that go against everything our forefathers built this country on, that sway our politicians to vote against or make amendments to these original freedoms that we as americans were granted! People have died for what we have, lets not let their sacrifice be in vain

  334. We have open carry here in Texas; the law just passed recently. I have yet to see anyone but a police officer open carrying anything. If I had a gun, I would never open carry in a public place like a diner; in my opinion you’re asking for trouble. Now, if you’re a young lady walking across the campus in the dark of night by yourself, go for it!

  335. I’m not being sensitive. I just think this conversation is becoming pointless if we just hurl insults at each other. Like saying I’m ruining the country. I’m just a young person trying to figure this out and explore my opinions and republicans, so far, aren’t that inviting. That is clearly seen here.

  336. And if the murder rate is so much better in other countries… What are you still doing here ✌

  337. Tom Wilkins says:

    Sir, please put those keys in your pocket. You are frightening my children!

  338. Listen, I’m 18 and about to go to college. Where the hell do you want me to go? I don’t have money. And it’s not like our country helps college kids very much!

  339. I dont support political parties this day in age. Its not like our votes make a difference, there is proof of fixed ballots. BUT that being said, when a group of people like you join together with a common goal “gun control” our elected officials are forced to respond in a way that represents the popular opinion. If the popular opinion is that we need more restriction then that only further diminishes our constitutional rights.

  340. I never said that we should get rid of firearms completely. I’m trying to say we should increase gun laws. Keep your guns. I don’t want them but if you feel the need to have them, go ahead.

  341. Canada. Go get your “free” inferior education and health care. I bet the murder rates not so bad in the middle of the tundra

  342. You just contradicted your entire argument.

  343. I wouldn’t feel safe. How do I know he’s not a bad guy or someone bad could pull his gun out of his holster when he’s not paying attention.

  344. No. My argument the entire time was increasing gun laws. Like they do in other countries. They have guns in other countries, they just have stricter laws.

  345. Alex Pickman says:

    It is holstered, and there is no threat. The gun isn’t going to just start shooting people

  346. And by the way, things change. Our forefathers owned slaves. We need to change our laws to keep up with the times. It can’t always be like it was. George Washington isn’t president anymore. It’s 2016 and the times are different.

  347. Only if he doesn’t have a badge.

  348. Adam Truu says:

    Yep, his is safely holstered, it is visible to you not shoved down some gang bangers pants, I see no issue.

  349. It wouldn’t bother me. He most likely knows how to use it properly or he would be hiding it!

  350. Chris Emily says:

    Hell yes I’m fine with that….my 380 sits under my shirt not on the outside….and u would ever know the difference sitting next to me!!!

  351. Jason Hargis says:

    Depends on what state…I can buy a handgun from a private party in Nevada cash in hand, no background check…nothing.

  352. Doesn’t mean there aren’t laws governing private sales. And there are usually more about carrying a handgun

  353. And yet there are so many other countries where people are getting stabbed, unable to defend themselves against burglary and home invasions. Prime example is Anders Breivik. While Norway doesn’t have crimes like this normally he was able to run around freely and kill 98 people and injured even more. Why? Because no one there can legally carry a gun. We have never had a mass shooting on that large of a scale caused by one person and never will

  354. Barry Aptt says:

    Yea..still prefer concealed but yea

  355. Belinda Wade says:

    Yes. Others will see it also and if they had any thoughts of wrong doing, that will change their minds!!!

  356. Ron Walker says:

    Because it looks cool!

  357. Mark Crim says:

    Do you think the police would get there in time?

  358. Linda Royer says:

    Yes. I would be comfortable sitting BESIDE him.

  359. Yes sir. Now if he had a dildo hanging out of his pocket I wouldn’t be anywhere near him.

  360. Looks safe to me. If you feel threatened by that move to Cuba or North Korea.

  361. Okay but you just proved a major point there, Adrian. “Norway doesn’t have crimes like this normally.” 380 Americans have been killed in 294 mass shootings in 2015 alone. That’s a problem. I understand that violence isn’t going to stop completely and criminals will still be criminals but there has to be a way to slow this down at least a little bit and maybe stricter gun laws are the answer.

  362. Gerry Harvey says:

    I have not problem, I think every retired military ought to be able to carry just like police, military has a lot more training

  363. Yes yes yes & thank him when he saves my children

  364. I don’t see any reason not to feel safe.

  365. Mark Crim says:

    Marcella Fischbach There is a way to slow it down, allow those citizens who are legally authorized and legally trained to open carry.

  366. The problem isn’t that we don’t have enough gun laws, the problem is we don’t enforce the laws already on the books or the punishment for misconduct with a firearm is essentially a slap on the wrist for a criminal.

  367. *too and you missed a bunch of commas in there. Stop saying I’m uneducated.

  368. No one has to say it Marcella as you have clearly showed us over and over you lack of any sort of education.

  369. Of course. It could be me sitting there with my gun as well!

  370. You need to educate yourself on actual numbers when it comes to gun control. Chicago, the most strict gun controlled city in the us, has 14 arrests for every 100 gun related crimes. The police can only do so much, and the criminals will continue to do what they want. So if your grandma had a gun and someone knew that anyone could be carrying, she wouldn’t be as much of a victim. Look at arizona’s open carry law. My dad is a cop in Arizona and says that violent crimes have fallen so much since then.

  371. John May says:

    Absolutely. I’ll have mine too

  372. Definitely, no problem at all

  373. Yea, very safe, Thank You!

  374. Aubrey Yunik says:

    I would rather have a police officer there with a gun. But that’s just me

  375. Dalton Myers says:

    Key word….. “Sitting” not waving.. Pointing.. Threatening.. Robbing..

  376. Michelle Dye says:

    “Hello police there’s a intruder/robber he’s shooting people.”
    “Are you armed?”
    “No I don’t believe in guns.”
    “Well you better believe in dying cause we are getting there for another 10 minutes.”

  377. Oh yeah cause the police would say that. They’re supposed to keep you as calm as possible.

  378. I would feel better if it was a 1911

  379. Ryan Stirm says:

    Infinitely safer than even the remote possibility of Bernie sanders becoming president and the things that will follow

  380. Brent Brown says:

    I am more offended by the fact that you can only get 1 refill on your coffee…..

  381. James Hill says:

    That is not true.

  382. You don’t fix crime by punishing the law-abiding

  383. It’s your children that need to be taught the safty in it!

  384. Chris Greer says:

    Says the person with no real world experience

  385. I don’t feel safe around ANYBODY who is so insecure they feel the need to do this…

  386. I will wait for the five minutes to watch this video.


    This was made shortly after Barack Obama Started jumping on his Pulpit about more gun control, gun restrictions and whatnot. As is already known by most of the people in the United States, California has the strictest gun laws in the nation. The San Bernardino shooters broke quite a few of them that day, as as outlined by the commentator in the video.

  387. Tim Chilson says:

    She’s an idiot who is uncomfortable with a inanimate object that will not perform its functions unless it is 100% manipulated by the person carrying said object. Oh, did I fail to mention that there’s a 100% chance that the person properly carrying that object properly sourced that object with all background checks??

  388. Ryan Otis says:

    Yes but got to get rid of that serpa holster, I get the retention aspect but a much higher chance of a ND upon unholstering for self defense use

  389. Del Silva says:

    I personally don’t like it.

  390. I would be right there with him

  391. Steve Forbes says:

    I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it

  392. Jason Hargis says:

    Oh…You only get finger printed for ccw. In Nevada, again each state is different.

  393. I’m so done with all of you redneck hillbilly hicks. You love your guns like children. Keep taking pictures of your trucks, I hope you learn how to respect others along the way.

  394. Tom Arnold says:

    I would. It appears that he is a licensed permit carrier and thus a responsible firearm owner. As noted above- it’s the concealed, unlicensed moron who thinks he is Wyatt Earp and invincible that I’d be concerned about.

  395. Even better if everyone there was open carry

  396. Jenna Wilbur says:

    Yes I would. What’s the issue?

  397. Ya people need to get over it libtardation is a mental disease

  398. Scott Porter says:

    Yelp, it may save my life from someone who doesn’t value it.

  399. Absolutely not. At any time that gun can jump out of its holster and start running around shooting up the place for no reason at all even killing its owner. Especially if its crossbred with other manufacturers parts like barrels or triggers once you crossbreed they get nasty. Also if you rescued it you never know if the previous owner took proper care of it or even bathed it properly or even worse beat it with multiple 30cal clip magazines and not letting it cool.

  400. And … there it is. The defensive attitude I warned about. Bravo. I’m a 2A supporter, but I don’t believe name-calling is the way to change someone’s mind. If anything, it reinforced the stereotypes …

  401. Yes I would feel more safe if there was more of this…

  402. Robby Lennon says:

    I like concealed better. If a thug comes in to rob the place he’s getting it 1st .No chance for him. Not to mention his position could be much better placed.

  403. Yes,I would it’s usually the ones you can’t see that you have to worry about.If they have I’ll intentions they’re not going to wear it on their hip.

  404. LOL. There’s that I guess.

  405. Mita says:

    We’d probably invite him to sit at our table. Anyone openly carrying like that is the very least likely to be a thug and is the very most likely to be well-trained with a gun to properly react in a robbery/assault/shooter situation.

    My children are not afraid of guns. They show guns the respect they deserve because I’ve educated them about the proper use of guns.

  406. Mita says:

    Speculation. Open carry laws with or without state issued permit (besides the Second Amendment) varies by state.

  407. Mike says:

    I pocket carry my .380 and same you couldn’t even tell

  408. Mike says:

    See if he had his permit he would more than likely be concealing it, don’t get me wrong I don’t know what the state is or anything like that.

  409. Polly says:

    Yep, because I know how to use it, and they know how to respect it!

  410. Evan Haley says:

    Without hesitation. Even my 11 year old son understands the statistics proving an armed populace reduces crime. Also, given the proven fact that legally armed citizens are less likely to commit a crime even than police officers, I have no trouble with guns being around.

    Besides the fact, based on years of ER and law enforcement data, you are far more likely to attacked with a bucketful of other items, it’s also highly unlikely that someone would sit down and eat with a gun on their hip, and then commit a crime. The ones that are planning that, they’re hiding their gun and don’t care at all whether it is illegal, or if the sign at the door says they can’t. After all, if criminals obeyed laws, the illegality of homicide and assault would preclude the need for any further laws on the matter.

    The truth inside me? Those who seek to take guns from the public can be categorized in one of only three categories; criminals, corrupt politicians, and those ignorant of firearms and reacting out of fear.

  411. Darren Clift says:

    I would not have a problem with this guy at all, I live in washington state and have a CPL and conceal to open carry all the time, why is this even an issue, if someone is bothered by me and my gun they are more than likely thinking about doing something bad. If one of my children were to say soemthing to me about him having his gun i would just sit them down and explain to them that is its okay. As a child i was taught gun safety, and learned at a very young age what a gun was, and used for, and how to shoot, clean and maintain a gun. its all education, people need to educate themselves about guns. The bad guy wants to hide it, and doesnt care about laws. I am personally glad to see this guy has his gun and carrying in a very resposible way.

  412. Susancnw says:

    My husband is careful to put his keyring like that into his back pocket. Concealed carry sort of. That way they don’t jingle around and annoy/frighten others.

  413. Jackson Andrew Lewis says:

    yes i would.

  414. Turk182 says:

    Hell, I’d buy him a coffee on top of sitting next to him.

    This is the guy who will spring into action if someone decides this is a good area for an attack.

  415. Absolutely not. This is just masculine inadequacy BS.

  416. If he has a permit, how is it different than a police officer?

  417. Linda Loyd says:

    My father carried a gun , he said the hardest thing is..someone wants it.

  418. David Zdanis says:

    No not good, u can carry and not let it be seen by children but still protect them out in the open like that u make yourself a bullseye

  419. Yes I would I would ask him what ccw weapon he likes the best if I was alone

  420. Don Booker says:

    As long as he isn’t playing with it.

  421. Yes, my son carries.

  422. Phuck no! Not because of him rather because I wouldn’t my kids to b fearful. Fn nuts!

  423. Dumd ss thats called concield an illegal without a permit

  424. If you were in a public place and a police officer appeared nearby, would you feel comfortable? They are armed, you know. Just being armed isn’t a problem But just like the police officer, I can’t read this man’s mind.

  425. Safer than at a BLM rally.

  426. I don’t feel comfortable sitting this far away.

  427. Elmo Zappa says:

    Yes. A licensed pistol carry license usually means a responsible gun owner. More than someone that conceals an illegal weapon for sure.

  428. Mike Autry says:

    Yes, I would feel comfortable and I would be carrying too.

  429. David Zdanis says:

    Wrong !!!! U can carry and not be concealed ,find sd

  430. No and this should be a training tool for kids to learn respect for the man and his gun.

  431. Devin James says:

    Hell yeah I would.

  432. Dont cops wear them while eating in public?

  433. So now let’s change the scenario…
    Would you be comfortable with this guy hitting on your daughter while having a loaded gun as the pic shows??
    Do u feel comfortable not knowing that this guy is may be mentally ill and on his last nerve, fully coked out and just having his last meal before going on a rampage.

    Not everyone’s a Hero.

    It’s not about who carries the guns but it’s always about the responsibility of caring that gun.
    Everyone has a different mindset, and that’s more scarier than any Guns out there

  434. Scot Sinbad says:

    Well, I am a child and I would feel comfortable because I would have my Ak47 with me.

  435. Nope! Because you carry a gun I must also> You from the overseas never learn!!!

  436. Drew Kidwell says:

    Yes I would as a matter of fact

  437. If you feel the need to carry a gun, you live in fear.

  438. Hell yes! Would scare the hell out of me if it was stuffed in his pants.

  439. Jay Kebabs says:

    It depends what the keys unlock

  440. Lisa Scalley says:

    Well said!!! Well done!!!

  441. Very much so…Because the kids would be sitting within 3-4 feet of another one…MINE! And I would know that is something were to happen, I’d have some help taking care of the situation.

  442. YES, because I would not fear being robber, mugged or my children being abused!

  443. Do accident happens?

  444. Scott Shea says:

    Yes, why is this a question? It’s a right for Americans.

  445. Yes… responsible gun owners have the right.

  446. Robin McGhee says:

    I would feel so uncomfortable!

  447. Le Smitty says:

    It is the ones you don’t see that are hidden on unlicensed/untrained persons that are worrisome.

  448. Donald Dow says:

    If more people were open carry or CC you wouldn’t have to worry about 1 person killing 50

  449. Donald Dow says:

    Cowards don’t like to be shot at

  450. Donald Dow says:

    It’s in a holster…

  451. Donald Dow says:

    If you don’t you are awfully ignorant of the real world.. do you also see unicorns and rainbows wherever you go?

  452. No, I mean when it’s out of his holster when time calls for it.

  453. Yep sure would! Because I’d have one right next to my kid as well, I will protect others lives and mine

  454. Yes quite comfortable – I started shooting when I was 6 years old and am Well trained – my handle given to me by the Marines was Annie Oakley

  455. Yes. Its the concealed weapons that worry me.

  456. Jim Farley says:

    Absolutely. Better yet, if everyone at the bar had one.

  457. Faizal Mohd says:

    I won’t have a decent appetite when seeing a clumsy show-off dude sitting in the middle of a restaurant, someone can just pull out a kerambit from behind and rob his weapon.

  458. Robin Baeten says:

    Yeah, why not?!we allow cops to walk around like that…!why would we allow government something that they don’t want us to do?

  459. I am just so glad Australia have tight restrictions on who can get a gun … it is true when they say guns don’t kill, people do, but i cannot for the life of me understand why it is so easy for people that kill to get their hands on a gun

  460. cops do it all the time morons and you know how safe they are

  461. Davy Day says:

    Black market and on the streets

  462. Nope, I live in Canada, not the U.S.A. The only one I’d even feel comfortable seeing that strapped to is a Police Officer.

  463. yes i understand and even if there were no guns people would still kill … but how many times do people just lose the plot in a fit of rage and with a gun so easily available do the unthinkable

  464. Robert Reed says:

    If he’s showing his weapon like that, he’s went through a lot to be able to get to that point if he’s within the laws!

  465. Yep all goods.
    I got the same one.

  466. Yep because we would have one two and so would the others at our table.

  467. what scares me is people with that kind of attitude has a gun..

  468. Raewyn Stephens What attitude. I see someone minding his own business.

  469. Trish O'neal says:

    Thank you Allen Baranski well spoken sir !!!!!!

  470. I would feel very uncomfortable…

  471. Daniel Diaz says:

    Yeh it’s really no different then a cop sitting at dunking donuts. They can be easily having their last meal. Then go on a rampage. Guns don’t kill people. People do

  472. Who’s gonna evaluate, “good men” such as your verbally abusive self.

  473. Certainly not liberals. Everything scares or offends them

  474. There sits a man minding his own business. There is no malice or ill intent. So try looking before reacting.

  475. My guns have never killed anyone. Come in my home or hurt my family and I will become karma. I exercise my right to protect myself and my family. If you don’t like guns don’t own one.

  476. Tina Zoe Hilliard life will evaluate good men. Not liberals.

  477. I’d feel quite safe.

  478. No I would leave immediately, unless the individual identified themselves as Police. Even then, I would remain at a heightened state of alert. I am so pleased I live in the UK, where we don’t allow guns to be carried by any raving nut case.

  479. yes i would . of course if he’s a wise man .

  480. I would not mind. Someone openly wearing a weapon is not a danger. How do you feel about your children playing in a park that can be reached by a terrorist in a lorry???

  481. Only if they were cops

  482. Dani Mohamed says:

    I’m 12 how could I have children
    But if I was a mom no

  483. liberal gun laws lead to shootings period

  484. Lack of punishment for criminals leads to violence. Guns are inherently non violent. Start looking at the criminal not the gun. If you really believe the gun is the problem you must be a liberal. Open your eyes. Rosemary.

  485. Donald Dow says:

    Yeah.. I could be kicking around a bar and someone can come in a shoot everyone.. or I could be visiting a school and someone could come in a shoot everyone.. you see where I am going with this…? It happens constantly… yet multiple times an open carry has stopped a slaughter of innocent people and for some reason the media doesn’t cover it. Then there’s people like you, who have no fear of reality, the very real possibility that someday you could have a gun pointed at your face, not only that could have prevented the possibility.. if you aren’t afraid you have seriously been too high out of your mind to accept the reality of the current world.. and still live in some mystical wonderland

  486. Zophar Cass says:

    Really? “this”?
    You mean “him,” I believe.
    He is actually a person. Not a this.
    If you are referring to the weapon, it is not sitting. It is strapped to the hip of the man sitting there.
    Regardless about your opinion of Open Carry laws, He is a person.

  487. Not only NO! but HELL NO!! I saw a man walk into our park with a gun on his hip. I gathered my grandkids and quickly left. How do I know he isn’t mentally ill or an extremest? Any nut job can get a gun and use it.

  488. Donna Bailey says:

    as long as its the LAW holdin

  489. Yeah right, lets go back in time to the Far West!! & saloons brawls!! Everyone shoots everyone!

  490. Juan Gc says:

    I’m OK I’ll be carrying mine as well

  491. Ken Clark says:

    Yes…..but you can sit there and hide under the table until you are killed…..

  492. Carl Wharton says:

    How many mass shootings have been stopped by someone with a legal gun?

  493. I understand your concern, but it is overblown my repeated media sensationalism. I do have fears, but more about the “good guy with a gun”. The great majority of good guys with guns have had no training other than watching Dirty Harry. They are more likely to kill innocent bystanders than anyone else. I’m not against responsible gun ownership, but I beleive the police are the ones who are trained to handle these situations. In fact the good guy with a gun stands a good chance of getting shot by responding officers. Tell me how they know he’s a good guy. White hat? I am 65 years old and have never encountered a situation where lack of a gun is going to do me in. It just doesn’t happen as often as everyone likes to beleive. You are better off staying out of potentially bad places, minding your own business and being aware of your surroundings.

  494. Bruce Boon says:

    Yes and I would thank him quietly for being that man…a law abiding citizen willing to protect you and those around him when necessary.

  495. Yes he is just eating duffus

  496. That’s why you have a Muslim for a mayor in London no balls .

  497. Heck YEA!! my children know about gun safety and their constitutional rights!!

  498. Well we didn’t have terroists back then only outlaws and the good guys out numbered the bad guys, stick it in your ear.

  499. So what if London’s mayor is Muslim. As long as he does his job well, he could be from any part of the world for all I care. You will find the British people have plenty of ‘balls’. Even without the ‘right’ to own a gun, we are strong. The Yanks like their guns a little to much. Take them away & they would not be able to cope.

  500. a man as angry as you should not be near a gun

  501. Not anger. I can’t understand how people can believe guns are the problem. And frankley I still believe people will take time and look at the big picture. Blaming guns is short sighted. I have been around guns most of my life and have never pointed a gun in anger nor have i thought of using a gun in anger. I have been at the wrong end of a gun twice in my life. I will never be unarmed. You have no idea what it’s like to have someone control your very life. Do not presume to judge me or my intent. You know nothing of me and you have decided I shouldn’t have weapons. Take time to read and understand the second amendment, it was not about hunting. Open your mind and see what liberal justice system has created. This is caused by a severely broken justice system, not guns.

  502. Fine no problems with this.

  503. If this guy was in Nice… would save some lives. Or in Norway when Breivik killed 77 youngters in about one hour… Or in Paris, in Charlie Hebdos office… or … or…..

  504. Calvin Bartlett – probably less often than someone with a gun stopping someone in a fit of rage from doing the unthinkable.

  505. Jan Becker says:

    yeah and helping could mean holding the already made damage low. to feel like could being a hero is not worth it!

  506. Jan Becker says:

    nope i would not.

  507. I do respect your right to defend you and yours i am not suggesting you don’t … We do get our shootings here too .. but the last mass shooting we had was port Arthur in Tasmania .. way back in the early 90’s .. our government placed tight restrictions on who can get a license to own one …. England also have tight gun laws and not even the bobbies on the street carry them. But it is your country and your laws and who am i to say what you do in your own country .. peace to you

  508. Not on your life. In Australia that guy would be locked up so fast his head would spin. No guns…..all good.

  509. Craig Fisher says:

    Sure. This used to be the way ot was not to long ago. Then the liberals started crying

  510. Cathy Herman says:

    You all are ***. it does not take weapons to destroy each other but the desire to harm. Guns do not kill but the person who is behind the gun. It may be guns to blame but what about cars and such? Are they the blame?? Get grip people. Have some brains.

  511. Rianna Secor says:

    Not unless it was a police officer.

  512. Donald Dow.
    That perception “Cowards don’t like to be shot at” is disturbing.
    Are you saying those 50 shot dead were cowards?
    Cowards are those who uses guns to influence violence against each other.
    Tho I’m glad you brought that up.

    That’s exactly what I’m talking about.
    carrying a cc is good n all but that freak had enough ammunition to take out an entire neighborhood.
    Not to mention the gun violence taking up around the streets once in while.

  513. Cathy Herman says:

    Ha! (In Salmon Idaho there are quite a few people who would use this as part of their wardrobe daily)!!

  514. Donald Dow
    Ive Been thinking about it for some time now n I could only come up with one reasonable solution.
    Bear with me here or give me ur insight.
    -Private companies should be banned from selling Guns. I mean let’s face it, it was a private gun store that supplied that wacko with enough ammunition to go Rambo thus killing 50.
    – All Guns, rounds, clips, ammo etc should be bought via direct police stores Only ( This will have direct impact on young Gang culture with our teens and locals) and mental ill wacko will never get an ok on military grade guns

    – all young adults 16years and up has to take classes in school about gun safety, gun control, etc. You know, loading, Reloading clips, shooting practices, vital points targets so u can avoid killing etc.

    – a proper education is a must before any licence given and renewal of that licence in every 2years.

    – every gun/ bullets etc ever sold should be traced to the buyer, and every time a buyer buys a new round they should give accounts to what they’re using it for.

    It’s kinda unfair that every bullet shot by an officer on the line of duty they have to give accounts to while Gangs & Wackos never do, they keep on Reloading n shooting without never owning up to it.

  515. if you do, then you need to re-examine your fears, you should fear the guy with the hidden shotgun and no permit, and a broken brain..

  516. That’s where I would want to be.

  517. Absolutely not.
    How do you know that person won’t use it to shoot you?
    Thank god Australia has strict gun laws.

  518. And so it goes on….and on…so sad!

  519. Ginger Baze says:

    Yes. I’d like to think mine was right there with me as well.

  520. Charlie Biel says:

    Only a fart sniffing idiot would subject their children to such an experience. Guns may not kill on their own but in the hands of men they are more dangerous than rattle snakes. Those of you who think an untrained reactionary firing a weapon in a public place with no consequences has clearly been educated by movies.

  521. I was eating at a Culver’s when a man came in arguing loudly with his teenage son. He had two younger children with him. His demeanor was so threatening that I left immediately. If I had been a “good guy” with a gun and he became more violent, it could have escalated drastically In a very crowded restaurant.

  522. What’s the problem in the USA everybody care a gun !!!!

  523. No problem. This guy would be the hero if some lunatic came in to rob the place.

  524. That’s one of many possibilities and a very negative conclusion based on fear. I’m sorry that You view life that way. 🙁

  525. Wouldn’t stay to find out.

  526. Yes I would feel comfortable.

  527. Leslie LaBon says:

    Is he afraid the coffee might attack?

  528. Greg Beatty says:

    Yes because I know he has one, he doesn’t know I do too.

  529. Mike Autry says:

    Why is this repeatedly put on FB every 10 days?

  530. Greg Filian says:

    Absolutely! Open carry means he’s been background checked. I’d worry if he walked in with it in his hand waving it around.

  531. Travis Irwin says:

    Yes, because IF my children were listening to my instructions, I would make sure they stayed away from this man BECAUSE HE HAD A WEAPON. On the other hand, if the person carrying even thought of drawing down on me or mine, I PITY THE FOOL!!!!

  532. People with legal fire arm licenses and legally obtained guns are not the ones you should fear

  533. Kyle Foster says:

    Anybody could have one anyways!! How often do you see a bad criminal sit there with his gun on the side like that!

  534. You’d better worry about someone who puts his pistol in a hidden holster. Scaredy-cat.

  535. Absolutely! Irrational fear of an inanimate object concerns me way more.

  536. No. Definitely not. Unless he was a police officer.
    In Australia only police are permitted to carry fire arms.

  537. I would probably leave, because all the men who open carry seem to be pretty much a–holes in all aspects of their lives. Mostly in my experience, they are weak souls who have been bullied, and have been looking for trouble ever since. I like more of a concealed carry guy myself.

  538. Unfortunately, despite it’s not good, it is still better than if in the place of this guy sitting apparentely peacefully to drink something, would be a burgler, or an former soldier of the US Army recently back of the battle field, or a muslim with a pack. The world isn’t the same anymore… Things will be like this until the government stop killing people around the world and start leading people and the world in a good direction… The way we are in will not end well…

  539. Not only No,but Hell NO!!! How do I know if he is a “ggod” guy or a “bad” guy with an itchy finger? People who are so scared they have to carry a gun everywhere they go are not sane in MY book.

  540. Gary Turner says:

    I would leave….this just shows he scared of everyone so I in turn I would most definitely be scared of him.

  541. Not a problem, grew up around it and married to a cop most my life so actually feel more safe sitting in that type of environment.

  542. Ann Peterson says:

    I don’t have a problem with it because If I know who has the gun I know which way to expect the bullets to come from and know which way to run.

  543. Cory Behl says:

    Are we living in the 1860s?

  544. Not really….I would leave the place.

  545. I’m proud American woman and I carry my nine on my side . I’m a mother who raised three children to know and respect any and all fire arm’s and rifles. They took hunters safety as children. I was raised to respect guns and was shooting at age 9 year’s old. I’m a Hunter and I appreciate my right to bare arms and defend my self and those around me. Peace and love xoxo Sandra Mooney

  546. Ryan Sutton says:

    the “bad” guy is most likely not an open carry kind of guy but more of a walk in with a duffel bag start yelling kind of guy. and i’m sure he is not scared.

  547. RL Hilliard says:

    Sure, unless it was pointed at them. Seriously? That’s a serious question? That’s it, I’m offended! LMAO

  548. William St says:

    “The only thing we have to Fear is Fear itself.”- F.D.R.
    So honestly, I would not phase me.
    Terrorists like the one who killed in Orlando, would hide the gun to smuggle it in, not open carry it and if they saw a room full of people open carrying, they would think twice about firing a weapon in that place. 🙂 Wisdom > Fear

  549. Niten Prasad says:

    Yes now imagine a brown or even a black person with a gun! Answers might differ now!!!

  550. Could not of said it any better.

  551. How many do you know who open carry? Please be honest because your generalization is very disheartening.

  552. No. Those keys are a choking hazard!

  553. Marty Gray says:

    Jesus said ‘ live by the sword die by the sword ‘

  554. I know 7. Business in my area, including the laundromat, have signs on their doors that say, ” We honor open carry in this business.”

  555. I guess no one w er steals laundry in there.

  556. So how do you know he had a permit?

  557. If he was acting suspicious yeah but if dude just minding his business i really dont care. But i dont have kids lol

  558. William St says:

    I’d add to it, I live in Orlando Florida. I’m not moving because some nut shot up a club. I will not let them scare me off.
    When I was in the 7th Grade, I was accidentally stabbed with a pencil playing football on a lunch break. It came a half a cm from puncturing my lung. I’m not afraid of pencils.
    My cousin was strangled my a black male back in 2009 in Sanford (Yea the Trayvon/Zimmerman Sanford).
    I am not afraid or hands or black males. She had a daughter that survived her who is mixed B/W too. She’s a nice little teen lady now.
    We can not let others make us afraid of objects. That’s just silly. Life goes on. Do the best that you can.

  559. Mark Canny says:

    10-4, more need to carry

  560. Wats your experience Sharon Kurilich Cramer ?

  561. Yes….cuz I would have one also on my hip.

  562. YES! It’s the unregistered gun I’m afraid of !!!

  563. Tina Stalter says:

    Nope, I would quickly leave!

  564. Amy Chouris says:

    That wasn’t the question

  565. It dosnt bother me at all and I’m fine with having my children my grandchildren my self.

  566. Jorge Lopez says:

    Yeap, however mine would be concealed.

  567. Of course, no,not suitable for a kid

  568. I say no . because usually when I meet “concealed carry people ” they are very uneducated looking , sounding and just pretty much seem like complete douch bags .

  569. Adam Neth says:

    Absolutely, personally actually trust a civilian that open caries more that a uniformed LEO and that is a sad thing.

  570. Absolutely not! I’d leave

  571. Sharon Gibbs says:

    Yes….its all about perception…if that man had a police uniform on..we would feel safe and protected…just because a plain clothed person has a gun in view does not equal harmful intent..the opposite i believe

  572. Of course I would feel safer, obviously the guy has license to carry arms openly, which means he’s responsible and knows how to handle it if situation arises. He’d be actually protection if nignogs started nignoging.

  573. You are so brainwashed so deep about guns that you are protesting about different thing you god damn retard. Does that seem very concealed to you? Im from finland and we rarely have guns and I seem to have more knowledge about gun laws of USA than some USA retard-brainwashee, He’s openly carrying, and I think the qualifications for that is even greater than CC’ing. Please educate yourself before you breed.

  574. David Lewis says:

    Nope. Because the people who commit atrocities with fire arms look just like you and me so who is to say he will not?

  575. David Lewis says:

    Irony commenting on a gun related topic using a quote from someone who was shot dead.

  576. David Lewis says:

    Yes a very dangerous inanimate object carried by the most deeply flawed being on this planet

  577. Hell yeah I would. The only thing ‘scary’ in all of this is some of the anti constitutional anti American and anti common sense comments I’m seeing.

  578. no. would get up and walk out. that said, i would never visit a country where personal security was at such risk that guns were thought necessary.

  579. Seems Like you haven’t seen what’s happening around you, the only people that should have weapons are police officers and hunters, that’s why are policemen are for (with a good training)to protect us, but you people in US are all bunch of Cowboys ok carry on killing each other then.

  580. Thank you Margene Stricklin

  581. Dawn Payne says:

    Absolutely way….even Police should not have there’s so open in public…

  582. If he was a police officer, YES.

  583. Greg Trotter says:

    Not 100%. Too exposed and vulnerable (the weapon) in that environment. If I was open carrying like that I’d at least try to sit at a table, not the counter.

  584. NO, I’d be out of there tout suite

  585. William St says:

    Everyone dies eventually. All we can do is live our life the best that we can while we are here.
    He challenged this country with a vision to land a man on the moon by the end of the century and we responded.
    Also, it wasn’t a handgun like the one pictured. It was a rifle.
    We kept going further into space even after his passing.
    So, his message lived on, regardless of how he died.

  586. Larry Lauver says:

    It is hard to buy a “wisdom” argument coming from someone who doesn’t even take the time to attribute the quote correctly. The quote is from FDR – not JFK. Very sloppy!

  587. Open carry ,concealed carry , who cares ? Call people that you dont know a retard and carry a machine gun . hope you feel great about yourself .

  588. Alicia Siler says:

    It’s not about sanity. It’s about choosing to not be a helpless victim and wanting to be able to protect what you love and the good people around you if needed!

  589. William St says:

    Actually, you’re right. Edited. Regardless of my error to confirm my thought earlier though, the point stands.

  590. Probably… Even more comfortable, if I was wearing mine, too!

  591. This gun is not really well secured and anyone I feel could take it and then not a nice situation.

  592. No i wouldnt, the guy cant even see that his being photographed unless his posing, hows he gonna see when i unholster his pistol, then he will be the uncomfortable one ! Ha ha !

  593. Mike Irving says:

    No! Absolutely not! If any of my kids dress in a blue denim jacket n blue jeans I’d not be comfortable at all!

  594. Obviously this man has way too many keys. Get rid of your old apartment key Todd your not going back to 4a.

  595. Concealed carry. You have no idea if and what caliber of firearm I possess and you won’t find out until it’s too late.
    Open carry. You can see the gun right there. You can tell the caliber. That person can be disarmed while they are breathing or the gun can be plucked from their lifeless body and our perp just added a gun.
    Open carry is stupid. Concealed is not.

  596. HECK YES ! I’d be sitting next to him !

  597. Yes and feel safe for it

  598. Absolutely i would feel fine

  599. No I do not trust others!! I would leave

  600. if you didnt see it, would you still feel the same? chances are 1 out of 20 people a day you meet shopping, eating and walking carry…

  601. Does it really matter? A bad guy would just hide it.

  602. What? The guy with the Levi jacket on? What’s the problem? I’m carrying too.

  603. Thomas Pryor says:

    Obviously doesn’t know the difference between concealed carry and open carry.

  604. You are watching too much Vue. Typical liberal resorts to non facts and ignorant opinion founded on ill informed opinion.

  605. Really. You paint me as ugly. You really need to educate yourself better. Name calling is childish.

  606. Yep, because that’s how I go out to eat!!

  607. Cache Eiji says:

    You really asking this question? Sure he can take your life, but chances are better that he can save it.

  608. I live in the UK guns aren’t legal

  609. Kolt Riviere says:

    Yes ! If I was carrying one ! Should be concealed tho

  610. Cammy you bogis gas man yes they are

  611. No there not u can’t carry

  612. You can’t carry but there legal

  613. You can use a gun in the country and can own them you just don’t have a licence to carry in the street

  614. But you Italious prickamous said they’re illegal

  615. No as long as he can carry it should mean he is ok to use it when it’s needed.

  616. Right , you win . nobody’s taking your guns . have fun with them

  617. Aaron Kenway says:

    Actually yea kinda…

  618. Scot Sinbad says:

    I am a child and I would feel comfortable because I will have 2 AK47 slung over my shoulders.

  619. Cute honey, I like your bare arms too.

  620. Kevin Young says:

    Maybe he is a undercover police officer eating his lunch.

  621. Thomas Beck says:

    I would think any thang about it period

  622. I could grab that so fast

  623. Yup. I know and see who’s carrying. If there are five, they all can’t be crazy. One of them will defend against the odd one. Also I can make an attempt to stop someone if I see them reaching.
    Yes, very safe.

  624. ABSOLUTELY, many people complain because when you have a fire, “why did it take so long for the fire department to get there!”, when you have someone trying to break into your house, “why did it take so long for the police to get there!”. Would you talk to your children about why they have a gun, or not have one and have someone come into the diner to holdup and take everyone’s money, take your child or you hostage, all before the police get there?? My people, stop being sheep and grow the hell up!! Stop being offended by how someone else looks, what education they have, that person may have just saved your life and you never even knew it!!!!! I have saved numerous people in my 30+ years in the Fire & EMS service, and never wanted any credit, it’s because it is what you do, help out your fellow man, quit thinking you are all Prima Donnas and be there for each other, it’s called KINDNESS.

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