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If You Boil Bananas Before Bed And Drink The Liquid, THIS Happens While You Sleep.

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  1. We ALL knew! This has been doing the rounds for bloody ages.

  2. I’m going to try it hope it work some people say thing like these and it lye.

  3. Hannelore, make sure those bananas are organic!

  4. Rachael Owen says:

    Shaza Leigh Burrows

  5. That’s no skin and lot’s of xxxx

  6. Rachael Owen says:

    Only on the picture read it proper x

  7. Why not just eat them? Just a thought.

  8. Just got woken up I will try it !!

  9. sorry didn’t mean to wake you

  10. Vanessa Sunshine babe nottt youuu

  11. Vanessa Sunshine km did

  12. Yma Campoy says:

    Mira cous Argenis Inzunza

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