how to dissapear

How to Disappear Completely.

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  1. JIm Bryant says:

    I choose…..have chosen…to displace my body and soul to a place surrounded by y

  2. JIm Bryant says:

    the peace and quietness of nature……for I live in a small log cabin, surrounded by the music of singing birds and the choris of a thousand insects singing in unisence, with the sounds of the rain on my metal roof……watching the raindrops splashing into my rain barrel….all the time sitting on my porch swing, watching the dozens of Mallards swiming hapily around in the pond in my back yard…….and not a man made noise to be heard. If there are more than six cars a day that moves on the road that passes my little kingdom, it feels like a traffic jam. I wish everone looking for a place like mine can ….. at the very least…visit a place like this… least a time or two in their busy lives.

  3. Brandi Gay says:

    Maria H. Isabel…..this!!!!!

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