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How The Dairy Industry Tricked Humans Into Believing They Need Milk. [Watch]

  • What is breast milk for?

    What is dog’s milk for?

    What is cat’s milk for?

    But what is cow’s milk for?
    Adult humans???

    Wake up. You are NOT a baby cow.

  • Thats why I am 95% vegan…. As much as I can… In my private life Ido not eat animal products only maybe sometimes little butter. If there is no other option available.. Proffessionally I cook 100% vegan…. I do not like to contribute to animal suffering. And I like to live as sustainable as possible so no soy, gluten, GMO or MSG as well including no e-nr’s and no sugar….

  • Jamie Rawley

  • People waking up.

  • Bradley Rhys