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Highly Intelligent People Are Messy, Night Owls and Potty-mouthed

  • You wish

  • does being smart make you lazy?

  • Phew, thought it was just the adhd

  • Spy!

  • … just like me, I suppose??? …. people often tell me, that I know so much more than anyone else, … but why am I still lookin for a Job???

  • just like I thought

  • Oh fantastic then their is hope for my kids

  • Ryan Seaton

    It is basically equating intellect with ADHD. Which is fairly correct.

  • Ok aknowledged but that is no reason to be comfortable with this situation. A little effort tidying your things and you will be perfect.
    Layal Al Agha

    • So next time someone tells you to clean up, politely remind that them that the week-old bag of Doritos on your desk is necessary for your creative brain. ✋

    • Lol it will be more creative in the trash bin

    • Nancy Tannous Al Agha this would be related to my current work

  • Ivan

    suddenly a bunch of high school punks think they’re intelligent lool

  • Only a bloke would take it seriously!

  • CL.G.


  • Me…me…me..organised mess , imsoniac..and yeah i swear if i have to

  • Sure they are. Not!

  • I new it!!!!

  • blah blah blah.stupid.

  • Studies show? Next week another study will show just the opposite. We are who we are. People are all different. Who studies the ones who do the studies?

  • lol I must be smart then…

  • Yes it is right.

  • silly ever, they try to teach you being bad is OK

  • Won’t last for sure !

  • I don’t think so

  • Because their a bunch of lunatics

    • Bill Huang