He’s 100, she’s 97, few hours before they die, after 77 years of being married.

He's 100, she's 97, few hours before they die, after 77 years of being married.
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  1. Ahmed Akdim says:

    that’s the real meaning of respect, trust and love, we need eternel love and God hleps us the find that in this earth.

  2. John Baxter says:

    Me n u x Terri-Ann Allwood

  3. Bhagwanji ne kya jodi banyi

  4. Sham Bukhari says:

    True Love May they be united forever

  5. Rest in internal peace both of u!!

  6. Sher Duran forever do exists 🙂

  7. True love may they rest in peace together

  8. And even in this moment, he is still trying to protect and lead her by holding her hand.

  9. Kabe Muriu says:

    Death can go ahead and take us as long as it takes us together.

  10. Marty Gray says:

    Beautiful , hope to see you both in paradise where you’ll both be young again & be happy together not for 77yrs 77billion yrs but forever . Rev 21:4

  11. Thank the nurses for putting them together

  12. Lovely heart warming storey.When two people really love each other that is what they dream of, going together after life.Sadly it does not always end like this.

  13. Rest in peace! True love! My grandma past away one month after my grandad. They never been separate from each other for longer than few weeks. Rest in peace. That’s true love. Before people belive in it. Life it’s been simple. In what we believe now? Money?

  14. Definitely looking forward to growing old with you my love! #lovegoals!

  15. This is what a true ,,, they are not dead they are promising to meet again in next birth

  16. Working in long term facilities for alot of years I have seen this more than once. Its touching to see.

  17. so cute n lovely!! ❤❤❤. Sara Lennartson ❤❤

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