serial killer zodiac sign

Here’s How Many Serial Killers Were Born In Each Zodiac Sign.

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  1. Virgo 157 really? Thank god I’m a Gemini and frackin sane

  2. This doesn’t prove anything guys. It just a record. Who the hell will be killer but serial killers got real issues.

  3. Your sunsign doesnt say anything about this :’) .. It’s the aspects probably

  4. my sign got 3. Not bad, not bad. Chelsea Chelsea Keegan got 4, so she’s at risk for psychopathy, Matt Matthew Blasquez got 12, he’s a boogeyman waiting to happen.

  5. Because virgos are cold and calculating lol(i am a virgo )

  6. Ian Rothera says:

    Either us Leo’s are the most stable or were the ones who get caught the least. I’ll leave it to you to work that one out.

  7. Omar Linares says:

    Gemini and sane cannot be used in the same sentence lol! Bipolar

  8. Very interesting indeed

  9. Urrm…..the beauty queen killer is on the list twice. He was born in two different months nearly a year apart. That would make anyone crazy.

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