Here’s How Many Serial Killers Were Born In Each Zodiac Sign.

  • Virgo 157 really? Thank god I’m a Gemini and frackin sane

    • Gemini and sane cannot be used in the same sentence lol! Bipolar

  • This doesn’t prove anything guys. It just a record. Who the hell will be killer but serial killers got real issues.

  • Your sunsign doesnt say anything about this :’) .. It’s the aspects probably

  • my sign got 3. Not bad, not bad. Chelsea Chelsea Keegan got 4, so she’s at risk for psychopathy, Matt Matthew Blasquez got 12, he’s a boogeyman waiting to happen.

  • Because virgos are cold and calculating lol(i am a virgo )

  • Either us Leo’s are the most stable or were the ones who get caught the least. I’ll leave it to you to work that one out.

  • Very interesting indeed

  • Urrm…..the beauty queen killer is on the list twice. He was born in two different months nearly a year apart. That would make anyone crazy.

  • Same thought