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Female Bodybuilder with ZERO Per Cent’ Body Fat Shows Off Her Physique

  • Not healthy . . . I had friends who were professional body builders and what you have to go through to have zero body fat is definitely not healthy.

  • You can’t be alive with zero body fat. This is a fake post.

  • ugly

  • ewe

    • This might sound uncouth, but I’d fear getting close to her with a wiener. It looks like she could snap one right off, no problem.

  • Gross

  • Nothing wrong with this. Her body is like a female version of Bruce lee’s physique. She’s feeling strong. Plenty of critics out there with fat stomachs and bad habits. She looks like she knows how to “read” her own body and doesn’t need “advice”.

    • It’s unhealthy and risky to have a body fat percentage under 5%. When you go below that point, you risk weakening your ligaments with the most tragic cases of death being from collapse of the aortic ligament (Ligamentum Arteriosum) causing death. It’s rare, mostly because of appropriate awareness levels from past tragedies, but it still can happen. Also, having no fat reserves is dangerous to your hydration and nutrition levels should your body ever be challenged in a survivalist or less than ideal setting.

    • Bruce lee was 5’8, 140lbs and 3% body fat. Not zero. Zero is scientifically impossible!

    • Thank you. Is it possible that although the claim that she is at 0%, she might actually have just enough body fat to prevent a catastrophe? She certainly is pushing it though.

    • Impressive, and shows strong dedication, but not attractive IMHO.

    • Every female bodybuilder knows that low-fat percentiles messes with their hormones. Spend enough time around a woman who is in competition lmao
      The first thing that’s going to go through your mind is the Medusa

    • Sounds like being married.

  • Yukkkkkkkkkkk

  • At least 10%. Zero is definitely looking to the road of self destruction.

  • No not safe for her

  • Im not sure 0 percent is possible

  • Do not know if it is ‘healthy’ but it sure is ugly.

  • TY Came here to say all this 🙂

  • Hell no

  • Oh yuk!! Zero percent body fat sounds good though!!

  • 0% body fat she’s going to need hormone therapy. I dare anybody to take her last piece of chicken out of the refrigerator. Irritability number one factor you would probably come back with stumps

  • Looks unhealthy and not very feminine

  • I admire her commitment, but so dangerous.

  • Danny Craig

  • Not pretty

  • Not a feminine female sorry; respect for her discipline but seriously why?

  • Nigel Figg

  • Steroids

  • Daisy Oria

  • Very ugly in my eyes!

  • Sorry to say but i agree with some other comments when i say gross

  • Disgusting

  • Erk!?

  • I commend her for achieving something so challenging to accomplish.
    It’s easier to eat cake on a birthday or left over Halloween candy than it is to say No I won’t do that to myself, my body means more to me than that.
    She has some self discipline. I’ll say that.

  • No non no!!!!!!

  • I do not know if it is healthy or not. But I do know it sure is ugly. Might as well be a man.

  • looks yukky to me

  • I think the whole premise is fear a woman can be strong enough to fight back…..many males have a problem with that!

    • Weldfreek

      Not me! I’d give her a tumble!

  • Hideous.

  • Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • disgusting, unnatural, not attractive

  • Zero body fat is impossible… sheesh

  • Not attractive. Gross.

  • horrible, ridicule, pas sain..

  • One word. Steroids

  • What price no fat, It’s hard to beat a little softness,

  • How ugly

  • No

  • .Zero fat sounds good but ewww no no no

  • Congrats but I do not find that attractive, not that’s what she was trying to achieve..

  • What’s up with the granny panties…you go girl!

  • I’m thinking it’s time to get some biscuits and gravy

  • Very ugly

  • yuk.

  • Travis gross

  • icky but whatever that’s just my opinion if she is happy then…………

  • gross

  • She lost feminine but in other side what she have it’s hard to get

  • Hatchback. No trunk for junk.

  • Ugly

  • Horrible looking!

  • Wouldn’t be too hard to live such a life?

  • I respect her discipline. I think she looks really cool and strong. But I myself would’nt to a have a body like that.

  • 10% fat its nice for women

  • Zero percent bodyfat??!!! That is as big a health risk as too much bodyfat. The odeal body fat percentage for men is 7-12% and for women its 10-15%. Its not about looks but about what you’re immune system needs to work at peak. Its what the body needs as a natural insulator. Its cool she got there but Its also horrible she did that to herself to get there

  • EndikaUgarte bañao

    • Joder le kitas el bolo y le pones el de un tio y sin pegas. Donde este una tia fitness…..

    • totalmente deacuerdo

  • What ever makes her happy. Some women love their curves this one loves her definition, don’t pigeonhole women! Tbo the sexiest thing about every women is their self confidence and self worth

  • well done for the dedication,,, but this does not look good on a woman

  • Zero percent fun in front


  • I have no idea if this is healthy….but I do not like the look…

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  • BoogieG

    It is pretty obvious that this girl is taking male hormones amongst other things. This is not a good look.

  • Toxxo


  • Ray

    Zero percent body fat and zero percent boyfriends.

  • Valdoria

    I like that we can see all of her muscles and she is disciplined to get this lean yet women need to have at least 12% body fat to function at the very minimum. I am sure she has about 4-5% as she is still alive.. but this needs to be a temporary look for her for her long term longevity.

  • Unholy Impetuous Ritual Plague

    Whatever floats her boat, her body but it’s not attractive.