EYE Personality Test: Select An Eye And Reveal More About Yourself.

Eye Personality Test
Comments (30)
  1. Another test designed to fit everyone 😀

  2. 6 good that’s better than my horoscope

  3. I’m with no.7 — an extremist, with short fuse.

  4. Donald Dow says:

    The bottom right one is pretty cool looking

  5. Nikos Pappas says:

    Can’t choose! I like 8-9 equally

  6. Diana Dimech says:

    9 describes me well

  7. Joanne Liu says:

    No 1. Pretty close!

  8. Parul Rathee says:

    1 eye “This was me”…. wat it means… now you don’t care??…. i can help everyone but why not me…how did you manage to make it “was” from “is”?…

  9. Rhigelle Augustine says:

    9 was me… tru

  10. Zartaash Hussain says:

    no 4 exactlly mine

  11. Aura Amon says:

    9… that is really me…

  12. Chrissie Lazarus says:

    #9. 100% accurate

  13. Erika says:

    2 🙂

  14. Aboli says:

    Very True.
    I’m no 4.

  15. Mike Kirkwood Fugere says:


  16. Bharath Varma says:

    9 A Miner Niner i’m hmmmph ..

  17. Bharath Varma says:


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