Every single day you make a choice.

Every single day you make a choice.
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  1. That’s life you only get one chance take it for what it is

  2. It has been mad even less so with that comment. If you are not enough without something you will never be enough with it.

  3. Tarun Akash says:

    My boss doesnt spare me if i look at the mountains in the morning

  4. Cecilia Hill says:

    Perspective…..your determination. Make it positive.<3

  5. Mike Coghlan says:

    Is this just before the bus runs over the cliff and the grumpy guy falls out into the road without a scratch???
    Wow, how negative is that!!!! But with a positive side!!!

  6. Adam Herrera says:

    Never seen a Bus with Seatbelts;-)

  7. Chanel James says:

    Logan Gonzalez Selvaraja

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